Monday, July 7, 2014

Amber Waves of Grain

Circumstances brought us into possession of 120 sparklers. And a neighbor had music playing from his truck all night. Which is how the annual Knecht Independence Day Spectacular: A Very Ghetto 4th ended with us dancing in the streets to slow jams with 5 sparklers in each hand while illegal fireworks exploded overhead. Look, there would have been dancing in the streets without the sparklers and the music, but that just meant that instead of a really fun night it became a magical night.
And it looks like we have a new Knecht Family Tradition: painting on major holidays. We did it on New Years Eve and now again on the 4th. It's a blast. None of us claim to have any real talent for it (Lindsay could though) so it takes the pressure off and we just have fun. The theme was America, natch. We ended up with original works of apple pie, baseball bats, the flag, fireworks, and I did amber waves of grain:
It was America all over the place. And it was beautiful.


Camille said...

Can we relive A Very Ghetto 4th every night please?

Laura said...

You guys are just the coolest. The coolest and most awesome family in the world! They should have a contest...Knechts would totally win!

I'd love to see the other art pieces! It inspires me to get creative.

Rach said...

That is truly magnificent.