Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Poutine on Canada Day

How did you celebrate Canada Day yesterday? I have no real Canadian connection but I felt like celebrating it. It's what Anne Shirley would do. Except she would also have hung maple leaf bunting around Green Gables and made crowns of wildflowers for her and Diana and recited a poem that she wrote to the Spirit of Canada. Marilla would just roll her eyes and Matthew would smoke his pipe and beam.

I didn't do any of those things. But I did make poutine for dinner. Can you think of another distinctly Canadian food? Carabou steak? Mugs of melted snow? I don't even know. But I sang the first line of O Canada. And I read the first chapter and Anne of Green Gables and delighted in Rachel Lynde agonized over why Matthew was driving his buggy out of Avonlea in his suit when she knew there were turnips to plant.

Why celebrate Canada Day? Why not. It just seemed neighborly to do so. And also, I like poutine. This was my first time making it and the hardest part was figuring out where to find cheese curds. (Sprouts, if you're looking. They were all out of the fresh ones because of course there would be a run on curds on Canada Day.) Here's the recipe I used. Don't be a hero, just use frozen fries. But I draw the line at canned gravy. We have to have standards.

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Laura said...

I know this is a super late comment on this post - but as soon as I read the word "poutine" it made me think of the "chocolate thingies...more chocolate thingies...pickle chips" video! I've got to go find that and watch it again right now!!