Monday, November 19, 2007


Just a few thoughts that individually don't quite equal a full post but can ban together and wear matching jackets that say "November 19, 2007" on them.

Behold the Golden Child:

Yep, the funk is gone. How can you be cranky when there are cheeks like these to kiss. Impossible.


Part of my job description today is tissue-passer-outer. I had two moms break down on me this morning. Sobbing and sniffling and wailing about the INJUSTICE of the schools and their FEELINGS were HURT and they're so CONFUSED!!!! It got so bad that one of our school psychs put this note on my desk:

Buck up ladies! Pie is just around the corner!


What are your thoughts on Christmas before Thanksgiving. I'm opposed. Sure, I love Christmas but hearing "This is My Grown-up Christmas List" a week before Thanksgiving puts me in a Scrooge-y mood. We get a whole month plus 3 days this year to celebrate (the most that is possible) and there are already Christmas lights up everywhere.


Because our office kitchen temperature usually hovers around negative-too-cold-to-sit-still-without-your-fingers-freezing and because some people I work with don't understand the universal sign of "I'm reading so please don't bother me,"* I usually go out to my car on my lunch break and listen to Jonesy's Jukebox. Dominic Monaghan (one of the wee little hobbits) was sitting in for Jonesy today and I have to say that he has some fine taste in music. Radiohead and Paul Simon. Nice. They must have good satellite service in the Shire.

*This is not to say that I don't like talking to people on my lunch break. If I'm not reading then please chat with me. But if I'm reading when you come into the kitchen I'm not doing it because I had nothing better to do while I waited for you to talk to me. I actually read because I like to and I'm probably in the middle of a really good part so shh.

Only one more link on my Post-it Note Thanksgiving chain. Wahoo!!!


Laura said...

I completely agree about no Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving! It's tempting for me to bust out the decorations and the music, especially...but then it's not as fun and special. There should be a law.

I totally understand what you mean about the reading thing too. That used to drive me nuts - especially when I waited all day to read and then someone would talk. Or my favorite "So, what are you reading" which I would reply, "a book"...hoping they'd get another hint that I didn't want to chat about it!

Oh...and one more thing...pinch Ben's cheeks for me...they are SO cute!

Andrea said...

Okay I have to admit, I already have my tree up (only because my mom was here and helped me set it up), I've been listening to Christmas music, and I made a Gingerbread house & candy train with my nieces. I know, I'm pathetic! I hope we can still be friends. I only wish that the weather would cool down a little. It seems a little odd when it's still 89 degrees out!

P.S. - Ben is so adorable!!!