Friday, November 16, 2007


Things that should get me out of the funk I have found myself in today:

1.) Cheery visit with Liz and Liz tonight
2.) My bed is nice and cushy and is calling to me even as I type. Listen, you can hear it... (rachel....rachel...come to me.)
3.) It is sunshiny outside but not hot like it has been
4.) Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow which will include...
a.) Trip to the gym, because nothing cures a funk like 45 minutes of death on the eliptical
b.) Holy French Toast. In case the eliptical fails me
c.) Christmas shopping, which I actually feel like doing
d.) Amanda's birthday, which will necessitate a phone call to her which always cheers me up (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!)
e.) The triumphant arrival of Sam, Stacy, and Ben the Blessed Nephew (accompanied by Katie) from Idaho-Land of the Spud!

But until all of those things happen I'm going to do the dishes. Doing the dishes has a very healing affect on me. Be gone funk!


Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you are in a funk. For me, I get online and plan pretend vacations to far off places. My most recent one is to St. Lucia. Check it out. Bronwyn's mom and step-dad are going there for Medical School. I am definately going to buy a sailboat and move to St. Lucia to live on the water. Sounds great huh? Oh yeah, but first we are going to win the lottery and we'll take you with us cause you gave me a birthday shout out and because we love you!

Ginger said...

Can I pop in here to wish Amanda a fabulous Birthday. I'm not sure how to navigate these blogs to leave messages so I figure Amanda will see this and know that I love her and miss her. Love, MOM Knecht

Anonymous said...

What always cures me of a funk is either watching America's Next Top Model reruns or, more often, the last 10 minutes of North and South. That way I'm either really grateful I'm not an anorexic mess with a potty mouth, or I'm living vicariously in a perpetual swoon. It's a win win.

Amanda said...

Mom Knecht,
You are such a sweetheart!! I love you to pieces!