Monday, November 5, 2007


I was going to tell you all about the fun Halloween party Katie, Allie, Lindsay R. and I had and how I went as a bee keeper with yards and yards of tulle stapled to a hat. And all about the Chino High School Band Review and Invitational, about how much my family loves parades because there are so many things to laugh at. About the boy majorette who threw a fit along with his baton because the flag girls weren't listening to him. And about the girl who looked like she decided that morning to join the flag team and perform in the field show even though she didn't know the routine (like she was Bill Murray in the Man Who Knew Too Little, only less funny and more tragic). About our tradition of bringing hot chocolate to the field show and making friends with our neighbors. About how the man in front of us would not stop playing with his wife's hair. How Mr. Bowden, band dictator, not only acknowledged us but stopped and chatted, as if we hadn't been sworn enemies for the last 20 years. I was going to tell you about how I almost passed out at the organ yesterday at church because of all the left over funeral flowers on the stand, bursting with those nasty lilies that stink, how I had to leave Relief Society early because I was gagging on their smell. I was going to mention daylight savings time and how much I love the "fall back" time of year, even though I'm opposed to daylight savings time in general and how congress changed the weekend specifically. There would have been tales of the Gold Child, the Blessed Nephew, Heir to the Knecht Silver, how sometimes he can't hold up the weight of his giant head, how he's so close to crawling, how he talks to himself when he's lying in his crib, how he's the Cutest Baby Ever. I was going to write about Aunt Vickie's rolls. Delicious, buttery rolls hot from the oven. Rolls that taste like angels made them while singing about daisies and kitties.

But I'm not going to write about any of these things now because someone stole my lunch out of the office refrigerator and I'm cranky.


Andrea said...

Those darn co-workers. Maybe now you'll want to be like me by taking an ice chest with you wherever you go!

Ms. Liz said...

They what??! Oh man - thats a serious office party foul. I would discover new levels of crankyness too. Boo on them - And your nephew is beyond adorable. true that double true.

Anonymous said...

One time someone ate my lunch out of the fridge. So the next day I ate everyone else's.

The Third Wheel said...

I'd like you to think back real hard to that episode of Friends, where someone steals Ross's Thanksgiving sandwich out of the fridge at the museum, and then he puts that note on his food that scares everyone and they call him mental, and he's made to take a leave of absence. And remember that TV is the sum of all wisdom. Now, take some action.

Laura said...

I was thinking of that Friends episode too. But it was o.k. for him to get that upset....remember the "moist maker" that made is so special.

I love the costumes! Good job! And yes, Ben is cute. Not sure if I can call him the Cutest Baby Ever, because it would seriously endage my Best Aunt Ever title. But he definitely comes in a close 3rd!

Liz the Poet said...

I've never understood the taking of someone else's lunch. I would never trust a person I didn't know enough to eat their food.

I mean, what if they didn't wash their hands, ever. Or if they weren't sure if their left-overs were still good, but they decided to take a chance on it. Or if they are sick or had a VD or something.

So many variables. So many possibilites of something gross. I'm not that much of a risk taker.

I'm a fan of the note idea. Here's an example of what I would write:

Dear Person Who Took My Lunch:

I just wanted to let you know that I have received news from my doctor that I have might have a strain of Hepatitis. Please get yourself checked as soon as possible!

Someone who went hungery

Heather said...

I cant believe some one actually took your lunch. I really like Liz's note--put it on the fridge.