Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Better than a Midol

I've been grumpy the last few days. And teary-eyed. I'm fine. It's just PMS. (Women nod their head in sympathetic recognition - men avert their eyes and start humming to themselves.) When I get this way I have to look at a picture of me as a toddler - this picture - which instantly reminds me that I'm a naturally happy person and I should just get over it and go back to smiling like a lunatic. It helps.

But to give it a little boost, I've complied a list of things that have made me happy today:

1.) The local Chipotle called to say they're trying to drum up some business so lunch is on them tomorrow. Free Fajita Burrito Day!

2.) I talked to a customer service rep for the Texas Work Force website this morning. He was in India. And while he couldn't fix the problem he did make me smile by ending every sentence with " friend." As in, "I don't know why you can't post the job listing on the web site, my friend. Maybe you should try to set up a new account, my friend. I'll contact the North Texas Office to let them know you are having problems, my friend." Isn't that a pleasant way to talk? It instantly made me want to send him cookies.

3.) This clip from the movie It's Always Fair Weather. It's not Gene Kelly's best movie. In fact, I actually didn't even finish watching it. I didn't even make it to the roller skating scene. But that scene is MAGIC. Because he's on roller skates. He's tap dancing on roller skates. I am not making this up when I say that I would be dead if I ever tried something like that because 1.) I am notoriously bad on roller skates - as in I've broken my arm twice doing it - which means that I'm convinced that if I ever strapped a pair on again I would immediately fall over backwards, strike my head on a blunt object, hemorrhage and die., and 2.) Because I have broken my arm twice my mom has put the Eternal Kibosh on me ever skating again and if the hemorrhaging didn't finish me off the Universe would for breaking one of Mom's rules.


Camille said...

Is it worth it to drive out to San Dimas tomorrow for a free chipotle lunch? YES! Do i have the time...NO!! Do I want to do it anyway....YES YES YES!!! maybe I'll see you tomorrow for a fajita burrito! yummy

Stephanie said...

My friend, you make me happy. You make me very happy, my friend.

Amanda said...

Thank you for posting a link to your Little China Girl picture. I needed it today. I have been having several grumpy days and these are the non-PMS kind that just throw me for a loop because I have no real excuse. I'm glad that you have found things to make you smile!
I love you and think you have an exceptional personality and you are fun, fun, funny!!! I hope that cheers you up. Miss you, my friend. And I mean that last 'my friend.'

Emily said...

Every once-in-a-while when my boys are actually playing well together and not trying to kill each other they talk to each other that way. "Oh, I'll save you, my friend." It's pretty cute. Hearing that kind of talk does have a happy knack for making one smile.

courtney said...

that clip was EXTREME. if that was fakeable, i'd have to believe it was fake.