Monday, May 4, 2009

This Blog is a Fat Joke

The 5K was a success! Except that it was not a 5K. Or even a 5K+ like they advertised. It was a 6K+. We passed the 1K sign in no time and then like 18 hours later we passed the 2K sign and we figured that something was up so I just mapped it out on Google Earth (don't you love that feature?) and it was 6.3K. Of hills, I might add. It was more of a hike through residential areas than a walk. But it was fun and the weather was lovely and we had a good cry beforehand as they introduced all the cancer kids we were doing the race for (seriously, I was not prepared for all those tears.) and at the end of the race we got medals and a pancake breakfast. I've decided that everything should end with a pancake breakfast. Wouldn't that be great if, say, at the end of cleaning your bathroom or balancing your checkbook or weeding your garden someone made you pancakes?

Funny story about that breakfast, but first some background: If you've spent more than 5 minutes with my sister Camille you have heard her call something a fat joke. Like if a chair is really small she'll say, "This chair is a fat joke." Or if she's trying on a shirt that doesn't fit right, "This shirt is a fat joke." You get the picture. So we started and finished the race at Chino Hills High - Home of the Huskies, and the breakfast was held in the school's courtyard and (this is where I wish I had my camera on me so that I could post the picture but you're just going to have to take my word for it) above the entrance to the courtyard was a sign that said, "Husky Student Entrance". The ultimate fat joke! We laughed and we piled pancakes and bacon on our plates.

One race down, one more to go. There is still time to donate to the cause. A good question was asked about it being a one time donation or by the mile. It's a one time donation. By the mile would be pretty sad as it is only a 3 mile race.

And good news on the musical headliner: Michael Bolton! HILARIOUS!

PS. I didn't get any pictures of us at the race but you can see what we looked like after the race as we jackhammered our parent's backyard. I think the medals are a nice touch.


Camille said...

I could list many things that are fat jokes...but if you've ever been on Jaguar at Knott's Berry Farm, you will understand the fat joke concept.

Gina said...

Laughing very out loud. The Jaguar is a great ride, but holy cow...que fat joke! Also, the wooden roller coaster is a fat joke.

Valerie said...

Shouldn't you wear safely goggles when you operate machinery like that?

I'm calling OSHA.

Rach said...

You're hilarious, Rachel, as is your entire family. Remember when your dad would call when we were roommates and he'd ask for the tall Rachel? I'm so impressed that you did a 6K. And I love that they served you pancakes afterwards. I wish someone would make me pancakes, but Tim doesn't even like them, so I guess I'll just come to California next year for the 6K. And I'm going to think of fat jokes now all the time when I see the word Husky or when I'm getting ready for church (right now all my Sunday clothes are fat jokes).