Monday, May 18, 2009

A Mystery!

It's time for another installment of Rachel Knecht: Girl Sleuth, because we have a mystery on our hands.

Here's how it goes: Remember last week when I shamelessly requested mixed CDs? Well, a few of you have come through, and I thank you. You all have fine taste. But on Friday night Katie was going through the mail and pulled out a package for me. WOOT! Another CD! But who sent it?

And therein lies the mystery, because I don't know.

Here are the facts:

1.) The only clue to the persons identity was the name Spencer on the return address. There was no address.

2.) Inside was a CD that looks like it was from a McDonald's Happy Meal (I hope it was a cheeseburger happy meal, as those are superior). It had popular songs on it sung by kids. It is rather terrifying.

3.) Also inside was a recipe for cream cheese swirl brownies which look divine. Once the mystery is solved you are all welcome to come over and celebrate by eating them right out of the pan with me.

4.) The package went through the City of Industry center, which means that it's local.

5.) The writing looks suspiciously feminine (Sorry Spencer, if you are, in fact, a fella. You have lovely penmanship.)

Here are my guesses on the possible sender:

1.) A friend playing a joke - which, incidentally, is a good one. I'm basing this off of the girly handwriting. If this is the case, I'm on to you. You had better fess up now before any more time passes and then it gets embarrassing for you and you come to me one night, all sheepish like, and say, "Um, remember when you got that random CD in the mail? It was totally me." And then I have to shun you for holding onto that information for so long.

2.) My neighbor Spencer. He is the only Spencer I know. Wait, strike that. My cousin Sarah just married a Spencer.
2a.) My cousin Sarah's husband Spencer. Neither of these are very likely because I don't think either of them read the blog. Don't judge.

3.) A friend named Spencer whom I have completely forgotten exists. This is entirely possible as it seems that just about every day I get a request on facebook to be someones friend and I have to spend hours trying to remember them only to come to the conclusion that we must have been in the same book club in a former life. In which case, I'm really sorry.

4.) A friend who has a kid named Spencer and thought it would be cute to send me something from him. Do I have a friend with a kid named Spencer? See #3.

5.) A blog stalker who, months ago, found the brownie recipe and cut it out, knowing that I would love it but had no way of sending it to me and was too embarrassed to come out and just ask for a mailing address, and then I posted one on the blog and thought, "Finally! And I'll send her this charming but terrifying kiddie cd that I got out of my cheeseburger happy meal for a laugh!"

6.) An actual stalker. Which was Liz's immediate response. She happened to be over when I was opening the package and she gasped and said, "You have a stalker!" To that I would like to say: I have nunchucks and I am not afraid to use them. And realize that they are illegal outside of the class so if I knock you unconcious, WHICH I WILL, I will claim that they belong to you.

Fun mystery, huh? And one of you out there can solve it. Go to it, gumshoes!


Rach said...

A few suggestions:

1. Do you have any friends with which you have watched "The Man Who Knew Too Little" several times and would think it was funny to refer to themselves as "Spencer"?

2. Narrow it down to friends who have kids that live in your area. Believe me, as an owner of 2 of the Kidz Bop CDs, I would gladly find an excuse to mail them off. We were quite dismayed (Jacob included) to open up Jacob's cheeseburger happy meal and see a lame CD sitting there. (It wasn't me, I swear--I have the folder of songs waiting on my computer to make into a CD to send to you.)

3. This has nothing to do with the mystery, but do you mind sending along that brownie recipe? I'm always looking for something delicious.

Taylor Family said...

Could also be someone who lives on Spencer Street here in Upland. . .

The Katzbox said...

My guess is that it's really something that just got messed up return-address-wise, and the person will show up soon. Really. If my daughter received this, I would counsel her to make the brownie recipe (but not until I get to her house) and totally not worry...

Liz W. said...


Ha! No, it wasn't.

But wouldn't it be great if it had been and then I threw you off the trail by claiming you had a stalker?

By the way, I still think it's a stalker...

Katie should come stay with me, in case Spencer shows up, ties you down, and force feeds you the brownies while playing the CD.

stephaniestempinski said...

Me thinks you have a secret admirer! Swoon. I hope he's cute, since you already know he's funny and enjoys a good brownie.

stephaniestempinski said...

Me thinks you have a secret admirer! Swoon. I hope he's cute, since you already know he's funny and enjoys a good brownie.

spencer said...

"Let mystery have it's place in you; do not be always turning up your whole soil with the ploughshare of self-examination, but leave a little fallow corner in your heart ready for any seed the winds may bring."