Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dream Job

I spend a lot of time looking at the Department of Labor wage determination. Now more than usual because I'm updating all of our price lists which means that I have to retype the wages of 106 jobs in 18 different counties in California and Texas.

Morticians make a lot of money.

As do Dental Hygienists.

I suppose that makes sense. They're putting their fingers in places most people would shy away from.

Carnival Equipment Workers make $9.67/hr in LA County. This is something to think about the next you head over to the midway to take a turn on the Tilt-a-Hurl.

Did you know that there is a job designation of Chore Aide? Where I come from that is called Your Little Brother. I use to make Casey play this game called Let's Do the Dishes!!!!! I would say it with all those exclamation points and do spirit fingers. He fell for it every time.

I sometimes look at the list and imagine what it would be like to have a certain job.

For instance, I imagine that if I were a Cartographic Technician, making $25.06/hr in Beaumont Texas, I would spend my days in a dusty basement and the walls would be lined with old school maps of the USSR and Zaire and Rhodesia. I would have a bust of Columbus sitting on my roll top desk and a globe that lit up.

That's my favorite job on the list, by the way. I think about that one a lot. Wouldn't it be amazing to spend your day looking at maps? No? Maybe you don't love maps the way I love maps.

Okay, so if being a Cartographic Technician doesn't wow you, what does? What's your dream job? And I'm talking Big Dream Job, here. I don't want to hear any of this "Well, the job I have is pretty okay," business.

Mine? Travel Writer. Astronaut. Flower Deliverer (it's a dream because my allergies would never be able to handle the smell.) Person who names lipstick colors. Wayne Newton's Back-up Singer. Book Mobile Driver (I stole that one from Amanda. It's just the best idea ever!) Cartographic Technician.


Andrea said...

See's Candies sampler.

Maija said...

J.K. Rowling's editor. Mattress tester. Food critic. Judge on SYTYCD (especially if it means I'd be replacing Lil C and he'd never, ever be back). I could go one, but I'll refrain.

Wendy said...

I'm assuming that when you say "Big Dream Job" we can ignore restraints such as actual talents and training, right? Here are a few of mine...Party planner. Wedding Coordinator. Artist. Kids clothing designer. Actress. Broadway singer. I think I want to be famous...

Mariah said...

Florist, Secret shopper, the person that awards stars to hotels when I review them and therefore I travel the world and stay at classy places all expenses paid, wardrobe assistant for hollywood films or big name musicians (because I figure they don't do much because they're only an assistant but they get to be there).

Mr. Hall said...

I think that I would have to say a travel guide in Scandinavia--How awesome would it be to get paid to take people hiking through the mountains on the Lofoten Islands or through the Norwegian fjords or Swedish forests or kayaking on the Finnish lakes. . . ah, now that would be the life!
And a side note, Rachel: I have begun to read Remains of the Day and am going to take you up on your offer. :)

Bronwyn James said...

National Geographic Photographer. Hands down.

Anonymous said...

i'm a retired social worker and back when i was still working, on a really tough day, i would dream about driving an ice cream truck. i thought it would be so nice to see HAPPY people all the time - instead of miserable ones.

now that i'm retired, though, i have my REAL dream job: nothing.


Laura said...

I guess my dream jobs aren't as original as I thought since some have already been mentioned. R&D at a chocolate or ice cream company, Chef, party planner, nail polish name maker upper, professional philanthropist (after I win the $102 million lottery jackpot tonight)!

Anna said...

Florist, cake decorator, wedding planner (only if I don't work with the mean brides), crafter, Ben & Jerry's taste tester, writer.

Gina said...

1. Did you see Lil C's nails last night? Honestly! Gross! Not buck at all.

2. I could give tours to So. Cal-ers who move to UT valley and are feeling depressed. I've found some pretty good things that make me laugh.

3. Book shop owner

4. I want a chore-aide. Wait I have Casey!

Rach said...

Lead singer in an all-girl rock band, hands down. Think of a life where you can wear leather pants whenever it strikes your fancy. Also a professional ballroom dancer (same thing as singer, but sequins and big hair). Plus, have you seen their killer bodies? I think it would be great to hand out programs at a theater, too, because then I could see Wicked lots of times and get paid for it.

Stephanie said...

Personal chef to a very nice, wealthy family who always wants to have fancy food for supper, but ice cream and cookies for dessert.

A tour guide in Washington DC. Those guys have the nicest legs because they have to walk everywhere!

Heather said...

um...I like the philanthropic idea. Really. I don't even need to win the lottery first. I'd just love to be able to go to foreign places and help people. But maybe that's taking the easy way out, because who wouldn't love a career of generosity?

I could do something travel related, like a tour guide. Or vacation nanny to the rich.

Amanda said...

It's kind of funny how many of our dream jobs revolve around food. I imagine in our dream worlds, out butts don't get bigger either. Right?
Well, my dream jobs are:
1. Book mobile driver
2. TV cooking personality (like Wendy said, regardless of talent)
3. Marine Biologist working with the Manatees in FL, without having to live in Florida

What I'm doing now ain't half bad. :)

Casey said...

Rachel, it was all in the presentation. I vaguely remember thinking, "Why am I doing the dishes?" But alas, I am a sucker for spirit fingers.

Mary P said...

Creative Consultant (in film or literature).

It's a role I've played for friends, but there are people who get paid to just sit around and come up with ideas. I love those think-tank kind of moments.

~Mary Puppe

(P.S. I've been blog-stalking you for a while now, but have I commented before? I think you are hilarious and wish we'd got to know each other better when I was still living out that way.)

Sagesse said...

I want to work with Elephants.


courtney said...

farmer. artisanal chocolate and cheese maker. woodworker. landscape architect.

trouble is, i thought i already had my dream job...i'm pretty sure we're talking impossibility here.