Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My morning by the numbers

539 resumes in my inbox this morning*
378 resumes left to read as of 1pm*
5 potential employees who have not sent back there applications like they promised
5 heart attacks I've had because of it
5 poxes I have placed upon the people of San Antonio, TX for not being as responsible as I would like them to be
17 phone calls to San Antonio, TX
7 phone calls to various military bases around the US
20 military acronyms I have had to decipher
58 times I have been called ma'am from people in San Antonio, TX and military bases around the US
1 Chiquita not in the office because she's driving up from San Diego
26 pay checks stuffed, stamped and mailed out
1 broken office phone sitting on the floor
1 lousy replacement phone sitting on my desk
1 email to frantic HR rep explaining the...
2 employees I had to fire
3 pairs of silver hoop earrings found in my purse
1 puncture wound from said earrings
7 pretzel sticks I ate for lunch at my desk
1 ice cream cone I will be eating after work

*I only wish I were exaggerating these numbers. But I SO am not.


Anonymous said...

wonder what would happen if you tried PAINTING by numbers?

Rach said...

I feel a little stressed out just reading the numbers. And how did those earrings end up in your purse?

Andrea said...

I think you should have ended your day with 2 ice cream cones, especially if you watched 1 Mary Murphy.

Gina said...

The stars at night are big and bright.

courtney said...

i hope you got two scoops on a sugar cone.