Friday, August 14, 2009

"You mean there are two of you?"

My mom brought out a box of her treasures on Sunday after dinner. There were all sorts of letters and journals and pictures from when she was a kid and during the early years of her marriage. It was pretty amazing to look through all of them. Among all the stuff were our baby things. Look at these gems:

The Birth Announcement

Don't you love that they put the address? You know, to make it easy for those people who want to bring gifts, or steal the baby.

Did you know I'm a twin? Erin was born with a hole in her heart and lived for just 4 months. It's a little strange having a twin who isn't here and sometimes a little sad that she doesn't get to join in the hilariousness that is my family right now. But the fact is, we'll have eternity to laugh over Bill Murray quotes together. And trust me, we will. Best thing about being a Mormon: eternal families. And all that Jell-O.

Sometimes when people find out that I'm a twin they say, "You mean, there are TWO of you?" I can't tell if it's awe or fear.

Look at the wee hospital bracelet.

I tried to get it around my wrist, for old times sake:

And my left foot:

I'm showing you this picture to let you know that my foot looks exactly the same. That is to say, like a duck's foot. Narrow heal, wide everything else. I think it looks like India. Or a t-bone steak.


Amanda said...

Maybe the purpose of showing us the bracelet on your finger, is for us to say, "What a tiny bracelet!", but I'm just thinking "That's one ginormous thumb. I don't remember your thumbs being that big. :)

Camille said... that a fat joke? I do believe it is. Okay just kidding.

Mary P said...

How's this for weird: My friend manages that apartment complex! It's in my ward boundaries!

Stephanie said...

I love that I already knew you were a twin - and that I've known since we were 12.

I'm still in awe.

I love that someone actually used to bead up little baby bracelets. It was probably done by some nurse who complained that she was "above" craft projects. She's probably the one who invented the computerized doohickies that they put on babies now. Sometimes modernization is a beautiful and terrible thing.

Rach said...

I bet those beaded bracelets didn't chafe the wee ankles and wrists like the plastic ones now. So cute. And Rachel, I know you have a real twin in heaven that you get to hang out with later, but I sort of feel like we are non-twin twin sisters that sort of share a brain. And feet. I also have the super narrow heel and super wide tops, which make strapless shoes impossible to run in. I can't wait until we're neighbors in heaven, along with Erin, because two of you will probably be twice the fun. And there's no such thing as too much fun. That was a long comment.

The Katzbox said...

I'm moved by this post. I have twin grandbabies that I share with ennbee. And yes, it's exhaustively comforting to know that our sibs are still our sibs, always and forever, for better and worse and that laughter is eternal. You are loved.

Wendy said...

I thought Erin's middle name was LaRue. Did I make this up? Help me understand where my mind came up with that.

rachelsaysso said...

My cousin's daughter is named Eryn LaRue after Erin & our grandma. Good memory Wendy!

Valerie said...

It's awe. That's what people are feeling. Awed.