Monday, August 3, 2009

Somebody High-Five Me!


(Insert fist pump, disco fingers, running split kick, the worm, followed by a very elaborate soft-shoe dance routine with jazz hands!)

Chiquita has finally given the approval on the website!!!!!!!

(I just did the moonwalk! And now I'm strutting. I'm TOTALLY STRUTTING!!)

You didn't know I was a web designer, right? Well, I'm not. I have no skills. I have no eye. I have no imagination. I am the designer equivalent of eggshell walls and generic floral prints that they sell at whole-sale art fairs at the airport Marriott. I am the last person on the planet you want to design your web site. And yet, I was the only person who could do it so I was stuck.

So for the last 4 months (FOUR MONTHS!) I've been working on our company's website and Chiquita and I would have had meeting after meeting after meeting about lines and colors and blocking and content and wording and links and pricing and after every meeting I would spend days and days and days implementing the changes and then I would show Chiquita the new site and she would say, "Meh. Let's change it all."

At one point she decided that she didn't want the menu. She said it looked "cheap". I told her it would probably look cheaper if our customers couldn't leave the home page. She wouldn't budge. So I look the lines out of the menu and suddenly she said it looked a million times better and we could keep it in.

She's leaving for a conference in San Diego tomorrow and I convinced her that maybe we should have the web-site up since she would be handing out a lot of business cards, so she went into her office and had a look and then shouted out, "I'm in LOVE WITH IT!" I wanted to cry. I wanted to put my head down on my desk and weep for joy.

But instead I'm shimmying!


Camille said...

A very appropriate time for a shimmy indeed. I'm doing one of my many tap dance moves for you right this very moment!

Rach said...

I'll do a shimmy for you and maybe an Irish jig.

Gina said...

So what is the website? I want to see your design.

Jeanette said...

ditto on what Gina said!

Taylor Family said...

Consider yourself high-fived!!!! :)

Andrea said...

Awesome! I did the worm just for you.

Chris said...

I couldn't decide if I should do the "sprinkler", the "boogaloo", or the "wash the hair, wash the booty", so instead I played a game of spider solitaire to celebrate.

The Katzbox said...

I'm going to turn my homework in on time just for YOU my friend....cause you're WORTH IT!!!!!

Congratulations. Really, that's big. To take on something like's huge. You took on something that was totally foreign to you, did all of the cognitive undertaking to figure it out, grew new synapses and firings in the process, and completed the project-that type of thing lit up all the right buttons in the reward center of your brain-no wonder you're walking on air!!! You really performed a remarkable feat. I'm impressed!!! It wasn't easy, but you preservered and accomplished it. Well done my friend...well done!