Wednesday, August 26, 2009


1.) I've completely lost my appetite. The other day I roamed around Sprouts trying to think of something - anything - that sounded good for dinner and the only thing I left with was yogurt and granola for breakfast, which I still haven't eaten because it just doesn't sound good. I need someone to cook me a really sensational meal to get it back. Any takers?

2.) I have an unusual last name that you don't hear too often. (Knecht. It's pronounced connect. It's German. It means servant. Which I think is nice. I won't clean your toilet but I'll drive you to the airport if you need a ride.) But lately I feel like it's everywhere. When I was getting my Disneyland pass last week the lady processing the paperwork saw my name and said, "Knecht is my maiden name." But she said it like it was Smith. Like she always meets people with that last name. And then at the temple on Friday night I showed my recommend and the man said, "I know a Knecht in Orange County." And just now I was reading some random blog and I saw the name again. Do you think we're taking over the world?

3.) I've been seeing the same 80 year old woman all over town lately. She works out at my gym every morning with the other elderly woman. I saw her at the Lion's Club fish fry a few weeks ago, again with the elderly. Then again at the grocery story on a Friday afternoon, when the elderly shop. And then I ran into her this morning at the local bagel shop where it looked like she was holding a meeting of the Elderly Citizens of Upland Brigade. I use to think it was a coincidence but it makes sense that I would naturally be drawn to local pensioner hang-outs.

4.) I interviewed a guy today who was super nervous. At the end of the interview I went to shake his hand and we had the following conversation:

Him: I would shake your hand but I have really sweaty palms.
Me: Oh, that's okay. I don't have to shake your hand.
Him: It's a real problem. And it's kind of frustrating.
Me: I bet.
Him: I've started just giving people hugs instead. (As he opened his arms a little and stepped closer).
Me: We can just wave good-bye.


Jeanette said...

Nothing sounded good for me for dinner either so I made breakfast for dinner. It was fabulous! I haven't eaten breakfast like that in a long time. Eggs, Hashbrowns, Sausage, Orange Juice - yumm!

I love the sweaty hand guy story - good come back with "we can just wave good-bye" pheewww that was a close one!

Stephanie said...

I want to make you an amazing dinner! When can we set it up. I'm coming in the first week in November, do you think your taste buds will hold on until then? If not, please make some brownies and put some frosting on them. That will make it all better.

Good luck.

Tammy said...

when we get together soon, maybe we should make dinner and sock monkeys

Angela said...

Best HR conversation. Ever.

Mariah said...

Do you ever talk to all the people at the gym that you've named? What about now that you're seeing the elderly lady all over the place? That'd be awkward.

Rach said...

Your appetite went on vacation and is currently with me. I've been taking very good care of it.

Rach said...

Oh! And remember how my dad called you slave girl because he speaks German. Sorry about that. I think sweaty palms guy spent the whole interview trying to come up with a way to hug you. And he was DENIED!!! HAH!

Amanda said...

#4 is FANTASTIC!!!! Love it!

Laura said...

How on EARTH do you get yourself in to these situations? I must say that I'm glad you do though - makes for laughs for the rest of us!!

I'll make you dinner any time you want if you don't mind driving all the way to my place! I'll cook you something from The Cookbook and you'll be part of my project!

Valerie said...

Whoa, back up. What were YOU doing at the Lion's Club fish fry?

Amanda said...

That was exactly my thought Valerie. Except then I remembered that we have those around here, and I've often wanted to go, but they are on Sundays. So, I decided not to mock in my comment.

rachelsaysso said...

Why does anyone go to a Lion's Club fish fry?

To pick up 80 year old widowers. And let me tell you ladies, there are plenty to choose from.

Valerie said...


colleeeen said...

Mmmmm. Fish Fry. Widowers. Wait, did that combination take away your appetite?

I can say this here, because she won't ever read it, but my mother is convinced that there are no attractive men in her age group. She's not actually *looking*, at this point she doesn't think she ever will *look* again, but now I'm on this perverse quest to count attractive men who look like they might be her age. I saw a pretty foxy older gentleman at Target the other day. Am I even weirder than you thought? Hmm.

Oh, we have Knechts in our stake, too. One of them is our stake RS president. She's nothing like my favorite Knechts.