Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chris, you have a few months to make some baby ones.

Remember the dance my sisters and I did for Christmas?  Before we could take our gloves off after we'd finished my mom and aunts all said, "Wait!  We need pictures!" and without any thought or planning or an ounce of hesitation we posed like this:

Because what are we if not jazz-handing maniacs?  This is the very essence of being a Knecht Girl.

So it thrills me to say that Sam and Stacy are adding one more to our ranks.  Wee Baby Knecht Girl will have a lifetime of choreographed dance numbers and bedazzled gloves to look forward to.


Chris said...

I am so happy for S & S!

p.s. Your dance was truly the highlight of the party.

Camille said...

Oh that picture brings me so much joy!

Valerie said...

I'm beside myself. A girl, hooray.

Ben and Melonnie said...

You guys are so much fun! I saw the video. You make me want to have a dozen kids! I love how you guys are always having so much fun together!

Rach said...

Fabulous picture. You Knecht girls are awesome, and it is thrilling to find out you're adding another Knecht girl to the bunch. Congrats to Sam and Stacy.