Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drama in the Hood!

Last night from about 9:30 to 10:00 there was a police helicopter circling around my complex. And then about 5 minutes after it left I heard three guys down in the parking lot right below my window saying the following:

Hood #1: Dude! I saw you dodge all those cars! That was awesome!
Hood #2: Yeah, I totally thought you were going to get caught!
Hood #3: It was right before I hopped the fence.


So I call the cops and told them a few ne'er-do-wells were bragging about getting away with something and in a couple of minutes I heard:

"Stop! Police!" followed by lots of running and banging into the gates and some scuffling.


I, of course, was too chicken to go out, (and plus, I had already taken off my bra, and my rule is to never put it back on until morning unless we're being evacuated due to a plague of locust or something equally catastrophic.) But, there are a lot of members of my ward that live here. There are two families upstairs, one on the other side of our wall and several in the next building and we all heard it go down. So, naturally today in church there was a great meeting in the hallway to corroborate stories. I missed it because I was in Primary but Katie was part of it and learned that our neighbor to the west was roaming around the parking lot with a bat and our neighbor a few doors to the east and home alone with her wee small children was ready with a gun (!) (both of these neighbors are women by the way. Amazons!) and do you know where the punks were? RIGHT UPSTAIRS ON THE LANDING BETWEEN MY TWO NEIGHBORS!!!! That's where they were hiding out while the helicopter circled before they came down and boasted at full volume in the parking lot. Mindy saw them through the peep hole!

I think they were wanted for vandalism (although a police helicopter seems a little extravagant for tagging.) and they only caught one of them. I'm thrilled that we're all safe but I do have one regret. I didn't get to use my nun chuck skills on them. Next time.


Rach said...

Wow! Nothing like that ever happens in North Ogden. What a thrilling night. And you were the good citizen that helped capture the ne'er-do-wells. Good job.

Stephanie said...

He picked the wrong place to hide!

Gina said...

Awesome story. I only wish Rick was around to patrol the roof. Did you report it to Flo? The one time I reported something, Flo wanted to call a community meeting to gather up the citizens. She was all excited. Nothing ever happened. We also lived across from Carmel and Larry. Larry is the nicest guy, but looks pretty rough and tough.

Love pleasant springs!

colleeeen said...

Rach, if you want hoodlum action in Ogden then go to the Motel 6. I will *never* stay there again.

Liz W. said...

I could fill you in on more, because it was my across the way neighbor's daughter's friends (and her nephew). 10 car break-in's in the last couple months. You should have heard Flo going to town on the hooligans and making my neighbors cry. It was awe-inspiring. She's one feisty lady!

Emily said...

I thought a late-night ice cream run was among your valid reasons to put your bra back on.

Rachel said...

Emily, I stand corrected. The bra comes back on for plagues of locusts and late night ice cream runs.

Tammy said...

You sang wonderfully Sunday night at the (most awesome) fireside, I wanted to tell you afterward but I didn't catch you before you left.

Tammy said...
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