Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I need a Catholic friend

The last time Lindsay went to Olvera Street she was a vegetarian which means that she missed out on the taquitos. Which is a shame. She wanted to go back and since I'm a Woman of Elegant Leisure she invited me to come along with her. We decided to make a downtown LA adventure of the whole thing.

So we drove to Union Station and hopped on the red line to Pershing Square then walked over to the Bradbury Building. I've always wanted to see inside.

Only tenants are allowed to use the really cool elevator so my plan is to convince my Wealthy Benefactor to lease an office there for me just so I can go up and down all day long.

Then we headed over to Angels Flight and spent 25 cents on a ride to the top.

It's been closed since 2001 after someone died on it (!) but it opened up again last month. It's a fun little ride and if you're in the neighborhood you should try it out.

Then we walked over to the Disney Concert Hall and got our real workout for the day by walking up A LOT of stairs. But so worth it because it's like you're walking inside a steel flower.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is just down the street so we decided to have a look inside. And, lucky day, a mass was going on! I've always wanted to go to a mass. We sat in for a while and watched them kneel and stand and kneel and stand. Have I told you my fascination with Catholics? The mass only made them more alluring to me. How do they know when to stand and when to kneel? How do they know what to say and when? Who was that random woman who got up to recite something while holding onto her purse? How come there are so many statues you can kneel and pray in front of? What is the purpose of lighting a candle? Can someone explain the different levels of the priesthood to me like what is a monsignor and how does he differ from a bishop or a priest? Are they all priests? Clearly I need to get myself a Catholic friend. Any takers? I promise to answer all your Mormon questions in return.

After mass we headed down stairs to the mausoleum. And look who we found:

Atticus Finch!

We eventually did make it down to Olvera Street for taquitos and horchata and churros - which, if you're wondering, is the Perfect Lunch.

Thanks for the adventure, Linds. You're kind of fun.


sarahgurl said...

I must say you've missed out not having cothlic friends. my 5 best friens growing up were all Catholic and went to the same church St. Margaret Mary's on Central. I love them. also horchata is my all time favorite drink.
love Sarah

colleeeen said...

Growing up in Chino, the two things I wanted to be most of all were: 1) Mexican and 2) Catholic. This stained glass windows! The costumes! The chanting! Those solemn and ecstatic saints! Our meetings and meetinghouses seemed painfully bland in comparison.

Have you ever read/heard Garrison Keillor's bit about how, as a Norwegian Lutheran boy in Minnesota, he'd fantasize that his family was secretly Italian? EXACTLY!

hunter said...
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thefoxkids said...

I was actually technically "blessed" by a priest from St. Mary's in Chino... James, Angie and I had a VERY lame braned idea to "run" a 5 K and it was sponsored by St. Mary's and a priest blessed us with holy water and everything.. we were baffled and felt a little in the dark because there were people with their roserie's there in the parking lot in their running shorts getting ready to go... Ahhh to be young again.. i'm with you im facinated.. I have gone to a Catholic wedding that was a Mass.. it was VERY confusing.. looks like you had fun!!!

April 7, 2010 2:14 AM
p.s. apologize for the above deleted comment.. I was on my son's sign in.. oops..

Taylor Family said...

As a teenager,I went to mass now and then with my best friend. If I remember correctly (it was a REALLY long time ago) mass still done in Latin, and they had a book that had the hymns and the stuff to say for every day of the year. As for when to kneel and stand, I just followed what everyone else did, but it seemed like we would kneel to pray, and stand to say things.

Laura said...

Your LA adventure reminds me of a time years ago when Wendy, Liz and I went to LA to go to MOCA. We encountered a rather obscene display of nude photography. But no...the obscenity of it all did not stop there! We also encountered a flasher at the Pershing Square station. Gotta love LA!

Rach said...

I have also been to a Catholic wedding mass. We had a program that was supposed to explain what was happening next, but mostly we just kept our eye on Tim's Catholic coworker that was sitting next to us so we knew when we were supposed to stand and stuff. Mostly, it was SUPER LONG. I think it was over an hour. The best parts: 2 Irish priests performing the wedding, accents and all, and the bride wore one of those fabulous cathedral length trains. It was so Sound of Music.

Gina said...

So jealous of your trip!

Andrea said...

Oh Atticus!

Liz W. said...

I took a class on Catholicism due to my love of many Catholic friends who couldn't tell me much of anything about their religious structure.

I'd be happy to loan you any of the 11 books required for that class, including all the Papal Encyclicals!

Or, we could have a chat about it, and I'll tell you everything I know as a pseudo-Catholic.

Stephanie said...

I love your adventures as a woman of elegant leisure. I also love Catholicism, although I am confused and baffled by many things, particularly their repentance process.

After reading Jan Karon's wonderful Mitford series, I learned many things about Episcopalians - which made me curious about the different sects of the catholic church as well. All very interesting.

Amanda said...

I just love that Liz called herself a pseudo-Catholic. I have great friends!! :)
I've been to several Catholic masses and all I can say is how grateful I am for our three hour block with breaks. :)

Valerie said...

I would like to visit the grave of Gregory Peck. I would leave cut flowers from my garden in a jam jar, because that's what I think belongs there.
I know he did other movies, but, honestly, nothing was as important as To Kill a Mockingbird.