Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Spring Trifecta of Awesomeness

1. Easter
2. General Conference
3. Baseball Season begins

The only thing that would make this weekend better is if Wayne Newton showed up on my doorstep and invited me to be his backup singer.


Valerie said...

Rachel, open your front door. Wayne is waiting.


Rach said...

1. For sure. I love Easter.
2. Also, amen.
3. Eh. Spring training in prep for football season is more to my taste.

But I'll take Wayne Newton on my doorstep as well, although Jon Bon Jovi might excite me more.

Tammy said...

I saw Neil Diamond last night when I watched the opening game between the red socks and the yankees, so I thought of you.

"Diamond, whose "Sweet Caroline" is played at Fenway after the top of the eighth, stepped onto the field to sing it in person. The Brooklyn native wore a blue Red Sox hat with a red "B" and a dark jacket with the words "KEEP THE DODGERS IN BROOKLYN" on the back, Boston CBS station WBZ reports".

Rachel said...

Tammy, we turned it back to the game JUST AS NEIL DIAMOND WAS SINGING! It was awesome. We all sang along. I may have shimmied. And let's hear it for a Red Sox victory!