Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gellato on the beach? Magic.

1.) My plan for this afternoon involved more Roman ruins but it ended up being gellato on a bench overlooking the beach. I have given up trying to capture the color of the water here. My camera doesn't do it justice. When I get home I'll get my crayons out and I'll draw you a picture. But until then you'll just have to take my word for it: it's gorgeous.

2.) While sitting on the bench, enjoying the gellato, I heard some German being spoken. So I looked in that direction and Wilf and his mustache were crossing the street!! Could you imagine if this is how the rest of my trip plays out? What if I have random Wilf sightings for the next two months? That would be AMAZING!

3.) I was also up at Sidi Bou Said doing some shopping today and the guying running the place was laying it on really thick. You remember how I said they're all Handsy McGees around here? Will my new best friend Mohammed was a master. Him: "You're eyes! They're beautiful! This necklace makes you look like a queen!" Me: "Uh huh. How much are these earrings?" I must have not looked interested enough because the next thing I knew his arm was around my shoulder and his other hand grabbed mine and he said, "And your lips! Do you have a boyfriend?" And that's when I snort-laughed in his face. I mean, come on! He did give me an excellent deal on some earrings though.

4.) The boys and I hung out in my room for a little bit this afternoon. Sam was nestled on my lap and Henry was fiddling with a toy on my bed. I thought we needed some music so I turned on some Abba and started singing along and shimmying. Sam dug it. Henry gave me a look that said, "Is this a joke?"


Andrea said...

I love the fact that you have some Abba with you. Nevermind American Express, Abba needs to adopt the "don't leave home without it" slogan.

The Katzbox said...

"Wilf Sightings" could be your twitter account name.

I also like "Handsy McGee".

The water sounds beautiful. The gellato make it sounds cellestial.

Laura said...

See...maybe you'll need that adorable short wedding dress after all. Mohammed totally wants you!!

Rach said...

Oh, Wilf, how I long to meet you. I also long to be at an open market talking down the price on necklaces and earrings and being told over and over again how beautiful I am. Heaven! I can't wait to see the crayon pictures. I miss coloring with you.