Monday, September 13, 2010

Roman Bath(room)

History Lesson Time! Okay, not really. What a drag that would be. But you've probably, maybe, from way back when, heard of Carthage and Hannibal and the Phoenicians, right? If you don't want to read the Wikipedia article (I barely did) - Carthage was a great city founded by the Phoenicians, then the Romans got their hands on it. And now the good people here have built a city over the ruins. You drive around the neighborhood and you'll see ancient Punic and Roman ruins in between beauty shops and grocery stores. It's charming.
It's also right down the street.
I visited the site of the Roman baths this afternoon.
What's cool about these ruins: you can scamper all over them. I guess that I'm just so used to old things in America being behind ropes and glass with guards and docents telling you not to touch. (Side note: I LOVE to touch things. Especially art work. It has gotten me into a few scrapes at several museums.) So I walked up to the viewing point and thought, well, that's lovely. Then I noticed there were stairs going down and inside. Then I noticed people climbing on top of the ruins to have their pictures taken. There were no ropes, no glass, no bars, no alarms, no video cameras. Just a couple of these signs:

Which everyone ignored, because there were no guards or docents to stop us.
It's a horrible way to preserve ancient history. But it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

There are several acres of other stuff to look at - mostly old tombs you can climb down into that are litered with giant dead beetles - but my camera battery was dead by the time I got up to that part. Which is an enormous shame because the Presidential Palace is right next door so there were a few palace guards roaming the grounds and I turned a corner on a path and caught one of them peeing near some ancient relics. Is there no greater demonstration of manliness than to pee out in the open with a machine gun slung across your shoulder?


The Katzbox said...

Men! the world is their urinal.

This was charming. The pics are fabulous. I love your eye. It's beautiful.

I also like to touch things. I think (and I'm getting woo woo here) that there is an energy that stays around them and if one is sensitive enough, one can pick up on it. I know...some people roll their eyes at that, but others understand it and slightly nod to themselves cause they get it.


Rach said...

I love ancient ruins. And to get to climb on them--awesome! Love the pics.

And really? Peeing on the ruins? Gross. But not that surprising, I suppose.

Valerie said...

As to your last question, I submit to you that no, there is not.

Stephanie said...

Again - you made me laugh so loud I had to remember that I can laugh as loud as I want in an empty house.

I think my daughter is much like you and touching things. I'm pretty sure she has to touch things to make sure they are real. It was never more evident than when a woman at church wore a lovely lacy skirt and she admired it from afar until she just couldn't take it anymore and had to feel it. She literally nuzzled next to it. The woman was so understanding and kind and said that she would "have to feel it, too. It's the only way to know how pretty it really is."

Yea for tactile learners! Boo for peeing on ancient ruins.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think there is a greater demonstration of manliness than that.

That looks like a BREATHTAKING place to be. Beautiful pics!