Saturday, September 4, 2010

I actually think a thousand words say a thousand words

After "Where's Tunis?" and "Ooooh, you could meet someone!" (No non-weird, employed, single Mormon guy yet. Strange, right?) the third most frequently said thing about this trip is "Take lots of pictures." To which I would reply, "Of course I will."

Which is such a lie.

Because I'm horrible about taking pictures. First of all, there is such a slim chance that I will even remember to bring my camera on outings. And second of all, there is an even slimmer chance I will remember that I rememered to bring my camera and it will waste away in my bag. I just get a little wrapped up in the moment and forget that it would be nice to have a photographic reminder that it happened.

Which is a round about way of telling you that I strolled along the shores of the Mediterranean today and didn't take any pictures. But it was lovely. The water is several different shades of blue. It was balmy and breezy and there were lots of old leathery men. Bonus! I think we can all be grateful that I'll be here for a while because surely by the end of the trip I will have had the sense to capture that.

Rac asked a few questions that seem applicable.

1.) How old are the boys? Henry is 2 and Sam is, I think, 5 months. Bronwyn can confirm. They are both quite adorable. Henry can be very goofy and his favorite thing to say seems to be, "Oooh, a car!" He is the master of the sideways glance that screams, "I don't think you're very funny. Now bring me a snack." Sam is all smiles and giggles and spit up.

2.) How do we get around. We get around in what has been dubbed the Party Honda. There are lots and lots of cars here. All of them breaking every single law. When we're out driving Bronwyn will occasionally say, "I don't normally run red lights in the states," or "I would never ignore traffic signs back home," or "This isn't really a two way street but it looks like it is now." It's just that everyone else does it and if you don't you're in danger of being run over.


Guess what I did tonight? Watched a movie while knitting. Because even in foreign lands I'm still 80!


Katie said...

Cynde and I were just talking about how you need to take some pictures for us when we read this together. No excuses, woman! We need pics.

Mom said...

I agree with Katie and Cynde. Try your very hardest to remember to take pictures. Make sure someone takes pictures with you in them, also.

The LA County fair started today. Make sure you eat something exotic in the next 3 weeks to make up for missing the fair experience this year.

I love and miss you a lot!

Rach said...

Thanks for the answers. I can now completely imagine your life in Tunis. 2 years old is golden. They are just learning how to express themselves and usually whatever they're thinking is pretty entertaining. 5 months old is nice, too. They tend to smile a lot. Joy! Happy driving to you!