Friday, September 3, 2010

I pass the reins down in Africa

Oh, hey everyone. I'm in Africa!
Here's my trip by numbers:

5 flights
3 states
4 countries
3 continents
6 airports
1 stamp in the passport
7364 miles
42 straight hours of no sleep
16 hours of sleep when I got in
2 chocolate croissants
2 cute little boys

And now, a list:

1.) The majority of my time here has been spent sleeping. I got into bed yesterday and thought, I should turn out the light. And that's the last thing I remember. A space ship could have landed in my room and aliens could have gotten out and thrown a dance party complete with a disco ball and loud techno music and I would not have heard a thing.

2.) I eventually woke up from my coma and went to the shops with Bronwyn and got my first real glimpse of Tunis. I has a really crazy mix of modern times and Days of Yore. Like, a donkey cart waiting at a red light. And a roaming band of sheep blocking the road.

3.) Henry (the older of the boys) was wholly unconvinced about me. I would look at him, he would look away. I would come into a room, he would leave. So I decided to give him some space. I went into my room and was reading a book and he followed and climbed up on my bed and started jumping around. That did the trick. Friends let friends jump on beds.


Chris said...

I'm so happy that you made it to Tunis safe and sound. I can't wait for more stories and descriptions of your adventures. Isn't it a "flock of sheep" or do they call them "bands" in Africa?

Valerie said...

I love sleep like that. I feel like you only get a few of those in your life, and you have to pay for it beforehand, but, when you're sleeping like that, it almost seems worth that 42 hours of torture.

thefoxkids said...

so I hope that it's ok that I am TOTALLY living viacariously (spelling has never been my strong suit) through you during this awesome adventure!! HAVE FUN!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm excited to see pictures of flocks (or bands) of sheep and Days of Yore things.

And I agree about the bed jumping thing - I think you're now "in."

Good luck - and keep writing so that we can all enjoy Tunis along with you.

Heath'e' said...

Yea! You made it! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures. I can't believe you didn't get any sleep, that is so sad. I'm glad you got a good 16 hrs to help make up for it. We'll miss you on Sunday as the confusion begins ;)

Camille said...

You know what I love about this post...the title. I laughed out loud and sang it in my head and did the actions all at once. Oh bless you and Africa!

Rach said...

That was one long trip you just went on. So, a few questions:

1. How old are these cute boys you're taking care of? Because all I can do when I read about them is picture my kids. I need a mental picture.

2. When are you going to buy a turban and one of those fancy robes? Please take pictures when you do.

3. How are you getting around there? Please say donkey cart. I picture the donkeys and lots of vespas. I blame the Bourne Ultimatum for that.