Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Kissers

Baby Sam and I had a date this afternoon.  We headed down to the marina and sat and looked cute and read books and drank Orangina.  Well, I did the reading and the drinking.  He did the sitting and looking cute.

If you're ever thinking of bringing your baby to Tunisia I should warn you now - the good folks here are serious Baby Kissers.  Oh, they love to kiss babies.  Particularly other people's babies.  I had the cover up on Sam's baby carrier and - this is no exaggeration - 10 total strangers saw his little feet peeking out, came up, moved the cover back and proceded to kiss him all over.  Women, teenage girls and 2 grown men all came up to smooch him.  Now, I can't blame them, he is incredibly smoochable.  And I'm a Baby Kisser myself.  Never ever strangers' babies, but if I'm holding a friend's child I'm going to kiss them.  I don't know how people can stop themselves.  Here the thought doesn't seem to cross their minds to stop themselves.  It's mostly, "Must kiss the baby.  And kiss him again.  And again.  And I'm pulling myself away now.  But just one more.  Maybe five."  They would coo at him in Arabic or French and then turn to me and say something that I hope was along the lines of, "What an adorable child" instead of, "Don't mind these cold sores."

I should point out that, other than the whole "Where has that mouth been?" concern, I actually find it really sweet.  I don't think there is anything wrong with a culture that finds babies irresistible.


And here is where I give you the devestating news that I would have posted some adorable pictures of Sam but my computer is refusing to recognize my camera, which means I can't upload pictures, which means that my life is over.  Who's going to pray with me that this problem miraculously disappears?  That's right.  All of you are.  Thanks.

Update:  That was quick.  And miraculous.  Behold.

Can you blame them?  Seeing his face makes me almost want to go downstairs and wake him up so I can kiss him.  Except that he put all of us through the ringer tonight to get him to sleep.  But I'm happy to report he's cute even when he's screaming.


Stephanie said...

I kindof like the idea of people who are willing to kiss other people's babies. When Annie was an adorable little chunk, I remember a sweet older woman at a grocery store who asked (very nicely) if she could just touch my baby's hands. I bet if she was Tunsinian, she would have just smothered my baby in kisses instead of just longing to smother my baby with kisses.

Rach said...

We are a kissy bunch around our house, but I don't think I'd ever have the guts to walk up to a complete stranger and kiss their baby. I kiss friends' babies without thinking about it, then sneak a look at them to make sure they're not freaking out. He is adorable. It's a good thing they come cute when they cause so much trouble at bedtime.

The Katzbox said...

This baby has "buy me a pony" eyes. Really. Those are stunning! No wonder they wanted to kiss him. Who wouldn't!

I also like that about a culture. It gives me hope for the world...and makes me happy I got a flu shot.


Angela Noelle of SK said...

This is another two-sided coin for me - I'd find it endearing and freaky, all at once...when it's my daughter they're kissing - freaky. When it's their general demeanour to be friendly and all smooochy - endearing.