Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jumbo Shrimp

Henry and I headed down to the marina this afternoon.  Once you get inside you can go to the left, which takes you past the fancy yachts, or to the right, which takes you to the dry docks and fishing boats.  Henry, being a Man of the People, chose the right.  We played around the rental boats and threw rocks in the water and watched the fishermen clean out their nets.  While we were playing on the stairs at the gas pumps this Tunisian man came up and started talking to me in German (?)  Fortunately my 4 years of German helped me barely make out that he was telling me he spent 6 months in Germany.  Then I told him I wasn't from Germany but from America and he said, "Oh!  I was in America too!  Miami.  1969."  Then he held out a jumbo shrimp (again, ?) and made a face at Henry. 

That smile of Henry's is a miracle.  Every other picture I have of him looks like he's saying, "Put that camera away woman and get me some more rocks to throw in the water."

We watched the windsurfers for a while and then headed back.

I don't generally take pictures of cats but this one just looked like he was living the life.  I mean, how great is your life if you get to curl up on a fisherman's net and dream about eating faces. 


Valerie said...

Windsurfing? This place is some sort of 1970s paradise.

Heath said...

That is a cute face!

The Katzbox said...

Outstanding...that shot of the light on the water is mesmerizing. And Henry...well, he's some of the best scenery around.