Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mad Dancing - the Universal Language

A few weeks ago I noticed a billboard for the Mika concert here and thought it would be fun.  I like Mika.  He's just the right kind of Euro-Pop that is fun to dance to without being utterly obnoxious.  But I don't think I would go out of my way to see him back in the states.  Tunis, on the other hand, sure, I'll do that.  Alone even - as I couldn't find anyone who was free to come along.  So I hopped in a cab and headed into the city and using rudimentary French and exaggerated hand gestures managed to get to the place.

Oh my, was it fun.  I mean FUN.  Me and 5000 Tunisian teenagers and their good natured parents - plus the six British kids I chatted with in the security line.  There was a balloon drop and a confetti gun and a giant inflated pink high heel that was bounced around the floor and strobe lights and glow sticks and at one point a line up of what I can only describe as can-can dancers in a Dia de los Muertos parade.  And Mika was wearing sparkly sneakers and was a master at the rock-and-roll split kick.  Everyone I sat around was friendly and fun.  This cute couple next to me would lean over and scream something French in my ear then I'd lean over and scream back in English and then we'd shrug and do mad dancing.

I came home smelling like an ashtray (It was so smoky in the arena you would think they had turned on the fog machine.  Let's hear it for American smoking laws!!!), and I think I may be permanently deaf in my left ear, but what is lung cancer and hearing loss to a night of fun?


Amanda said...

Boy do I wish I was there with you. I feel like my life needs a night out with sparkly sneakers and strobe lights. I'm going to talk to John and see if we can work on turning our basement into a club. Admission: fun personality. I will be expecting you to show up.

Camille said...

Oh how I wish I was in Tunisia with you for the concert. I would die to see the rock-and-roll split kick. So jealous but glad you had fun!

Kylea said...

Hahaha Mika? I love Mika, my roommate listened to Grace Kelly about five times a day for a month last year. You should have called me! Because just like cancer and hearing loss, what's a trip to Tunisia when there is a Mika concert on the agenda?

Rach said...

A Mika concert sounds just like what I could use this week. I have been trying to find the right place for my glittery silver flats. I LOVE mad dancing. You know I do.