Sunday, October 10, 2010

How would you act out "No Flash Photography"

I went back to the place where I saw the concert the other night and toured around.  As I got inside and started taking pictures one of the guys working there said, "Something something something in French no photos something something." To which I asked, "No photos or no flash?"  To which he replied, "Something more in French something flash something."  It was hot and humid and to get to the place you have to hike up a hill so I was just too tired to pantomime out "flash yes or no" to the man so I took all these pictures on the sly, without my flash.

Here's where they put on the show.  It's in one of several courtyards.  I'm going again on Friday night to an oud concert.

There was a band rehearsing some sort of Arabic music that you could hear throughout the whole place.  Nice soundtrack to my visit.

They had these alcove beds in every room.  Even in the music room and what looked to be the bathroom.  That is a tradition I can get behind.  Elegant lounding.

I just really liked this picture.

I'm going to say this about the good people here, they take great pride in ornamental details.  Everywhere you look (and I'm not just talking about this house but everywhere I've seen) things are filigreed and scrolled and texturized to the hilt.  I love it.

I found the sauna.

There was also a bed just outside this room.

It was a gorgeous place and the grounds were amazing as well.  And the view was killer.  The people who built it seemed to have a firm grasp on the Life of Elegant Leisure. 

Afterwards I strolled up the hill to get some lunch and stopped off inside one of the shops and bought a few things from this guy.

What a wee little fella!  His name was Amin.  I could have folded him up and tucked him into my pocket and all day long he could have said, "What beautiful eyes you have!  I make you special deal!" 


Stephanie said...

I think everyone needs a "pocket Amin" every once in a while . . . just for a quick boost of confidence.

Have another great day!

Chris said...

I wonder if he's the "Midget of the Family".

Thanks for all the fun stories! Please keep them coming.

dad said...

Wow, you really are the tall Rachel

Rach said...

Hee hee. Amin might even be shorter than the short Rachel. I love the pictures you took on the sly. The whole place reminds me a lot of the Alhambra in Spain. Very fancy.