Monday, October 18, 2010

Garage Sale

The embassy organizes a garage sale a few times a year.  There are always people coming and going so the people leaving take the opportunity to get rid of their stuff and the new ones get stuff they probably can't get here.  George Forman Grills for example.  Local employees of the embassy and their friends and family can come also, which means I got to practice my hangling skills, only on the other end.

Since Bronwyn and Chris are leaving in a few weeks to come back to the states before going on to China we had a table loaded with stuff.  The people started coming around 9 and by 9:30 we were in the weeds. 

The Tunisians shop owners use this bargaining technique that makes it seem like they're giving you the deal of a lifetime.  "Okay, for you,  ONLY FOR YOU, I'll give it for 10 dinar."  When you know that 3 dinar is good enough.  They use the same technique in buying as well.  "Okay, because I like you, I'll give you 2 dinar for this shirt you paid $100 for."  Like they're doing you the biggest favor taking it off your hands.  We were hard core sales women.

I don't actually go to garage sales back home - I have enough junk of my own, I don't need other people's junk too - so I don't know if this is standard but Bronwyn heard that in the past people have sold half used toiletries, like shaving cream and shampoo.  So she brought some just to see if we could get anything for them.  I think we sold almost every one.  We even had some bronzer lotion that some women looked like they were seriously considering. 

Henry was left in the care of one of the embassy kids.  Before he was taken off to the park he was running in front of cars and throwing rocks at people.  He's 2.  Sam doesn't have the motor skills necessary for throwing things so he got to stick around and looked cute.

Several people asked if he was for sale.


On an outrageously different note, I just saw a recipe called White Chocolate Walnut Blondies with Maple Syrup Butter.  This is a first - a dessert recipe that actually made me gag a little.


Jenny said...

I just read this post in my Google Reader and then went on to the newest Tasty Kitchen blog post for "White Chocolate Walnut Blondies with Maple Syrup Butter". Ha! Life is funny.

Stephanie said...

But did you flirt with the boys and tell them their eyes were beautiful?

I saw that recipe and actually thought it sounded yummy - but I would have replaced the walnuts with pecans or almonds and I would have nixed the maple sauce. I'm a sucker for a good blondie, though.

Mom said...

So there are women in Tunisia. I was beginning to wonder. All we hear about are the men who love your beautiful eyes. Are the women as friendly as the men?

Rach said...

Half used toiletries? Really? I have been to a yard sale with that kind of item and thought it was disgusting, but I guess if you're hard up for some good Victoria Secret lotion, you'll settle for half a tube. Weird.

Whenever I read the word "walnut" in a recipe title I tend to skim over it.