Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I've Lost This Week

1.)  My calendar (status:  still lost)
2.)  My keys (status:  found in Katie's purse - after several hours of searching and eventually giving up and calling into work to tell them I won't be making it in which is just so embarrassing because what am I, 12 and can't keep track of important things? and then getting back into my pajamas because gee whiz it's cold and raining out there and I felt defeated and frustrated and a bit in need of comfort and a hot chocolate.)


Camille said...

Good thing you were able to ditch the dumpster diving.

Tammy said...

my co-worker lost her keys while we were at work, and we looked everywhere, she called her family to open her car to see if she had locked them in her car, no luck. Finally she asked me to look in my purse and their they were! Now if anything is missing at work they ask to look in my purse : (