Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm with the bride

Whilst at Disneyland on Saturday I noticed an alarming trend:

Large bridal parties

There were several gaggles of women strolling the park with a lead girl wearing those (lame) Mickey bridal ears, followed by 10 or so gals in matching shirts that say something along the lines of "Bridesmaid" or "Team Bride" or "Here comes the Bride".  If I were in charge of making such a shirt it would read, "I can't believe my friend hates me this much that after having to fork over an insane amount of money to be in this wedding I now have to fork over an insane amount of money to follow her around at Disneyland in this shirt that I wouldn't even wear to the gym." 

The worst example we saw was while we were in line for Peter Pan.  There were about 15 people all wearing matching black shirts that had a ring printed on it along with "She said yes!  Tony & Jeanette*.  March 5, 2011."  We started chatting with them to find out the details and apparently Tony proposed that morning, no doubt in front of the castle, and all their friends and family came out to watch and celebrate with them.  I have strong feelings about public proposals (Dear Wealthy Benefactor, DON'T DO IT.  Love, R) and I also have strong feelings about making your friends do dumb things.  You could tell that some of Tony's friends would have gladly donated a kidney instead of wear that shirt.

Next week's alarming trend:  women who wear high heels to theme parks.

*Tony and Jeanette were the names Susan and I gave to the happy couple before we saw that their real names were printed on the shirts.  But I cannot remember what those names actually were, and we both agreed that they didn't fit them.  And as an aside, Susan confessed on Saturday that she stalks this blog and now that I know maybe I would consider mentioning on here how cool she is.  Consider it done.


Camille said...

Oh look who got a little shout out on the blog after begging, pleading and slipping a Lincoln (okay maybe the Lincoln was for something else). Just kidding Susan. By the way, I really like your purse. And you are pretty cool.

Susan said...

I am pretty sure Stan and Breanna are going to be upset that you didn't remember their real names. After all that money they spent having them printed on 25 black shirts for their closest friends and family to wear on a hot, sunny, day at the Happiest Place on Earth. *Gag*

Laura said...

I wonder what the contingency plan was if Jeanette said No! Would those have become the shirts people wear to paint or wash the dog in? I'm just sayin'. Tony must have been pretty confident or it would have been a really upsetting fashion statement!

Rach said...

First of all, amen to public proposals. Tim was smart not to do that, since I told him to hold that thought for 5 days. Peer pressure when it comes to the big answer just isn't cool. You know all those groups went straight from Disneyland to the Price is Right. By the way, we're heading out to Disneyland ourselves in May. Please clear your schedule. And stay away from pukers. I will do the same.

Chris and Gina said...

Rachel, Maybe you have forgotten, but I own one of the Minnine bride veils. Chris owns the Mickey top hat. Don't be a hater!

colleeeen said...

Public proposals = blackmail. Who wants to be the girl who says "No."? (By the way, how on earth do I punctuate that correctly?

I can't be too harsh on the "team bride" people. I genuinely intended for my bridesmaids dresses to be re-wearable. They were hideous, despite all my attempts for them not to be. I would speculate that there is an ancient curse (perhaps via Tutankhamun or Moctezuma?) on bridesmaid dresses, but alas my friend Lianna was kind enough to let me be a bridesmaid and wear an absolutely gorgeous dress. So I guess the moral of this story is that I have atrocious taste and probably should have hired a seamstress.