Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It used to be a Life of Elegant LEISURE

So, you know how I was in Tunisia for 3 months, and during those three months I didn't have any church responsibilities other than occasionally playing the piano for our teeny group to sing a hymn?  Well, I wish I had known then that the entire purpose of that trip was to give me a chance to take a nap in order to rest up for what has become The Season of Busy.  My life has suddenly become dominated by churchy responsibilities.  This is not a complaint.  Nor is it a nostalgic wish for a return of the good old days when I was just the Primary president.  I'm fine with the work load.  In fact, I'm amazed at how well my naturally chaotic and disorganized brain is handling it all.  Yes, fine.

Fine, except for the sad fact that at the end of the day, when I would normally sit down and type out something humorous on this blog, I find myself staring at a blank screen wondering if I saw anything funny that day.  Of course I saw something funny.  I always see something funny.  But the part of my brain that translates those moments into actual words has been taken over by the part of my brain that demands sleep.  Which means you have missed out on such stories as:  How I Saved $1000 in Car Repairs through a Very Obscure Family Connection, and The Roach I Met at Soup Plantation, and My Tragic Haircut - Volume 15.  All would-be classics. 

So, I'm a little bummed about that.  But let's not be so glum.  Let's look at this picture instead.

That's my grandpa and his brothers at Seal Beach, CA in 1924.  Grandpa is the wee fella in front.  They are, no doubt, about to rob a candy store and then find a girl whose pigtails they can pull.  This could be the Greatest Picture Ever Taken.  National Geographics should put it on the cover.  We should all have it framed and hung in our bathrooms so we can see it each morning to start the day out with a smile. 


Laura said...

That IS the Greatest Picture Ever! I feel like they'd fit right in with Spanky, Alfafa and the rest of the Our Gang kids. So cute!

I am already imagining the stories behind the titles you list below. I'm especially interested in "The Roach I met at Soup Plantation". In my imaginings, I see you meeting up with a long lost roach friend. You are both wearing large hats with feathers and sipping lemonade out of tea cups with your pinkies extended. What do you call a roac pinkie anyway?

Camille said...

I love that picture so much. Thanks for posting it. I need a copy by the way.

Chris and Gina said...

Didn't I give you guys copies of the that pic for Christmas? In my mind, I did, but maybe reality tells a different story!

Amanda said...

I love that picture!!