Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The advent of summer

1.  Happy Summer!!!!!!!  I love the beginning of summer above all other seasonal beginnings because it feels so open and full of potential.  It's a bit of wild card season.  You know in the fall there will be school and in the winter will be Christmas and in the spring you'll have allergies.  But summer is so full of surprises and possibilities.  It is when your friends are most likely to call you up out of the blue and say, "Hey, I'm heading down to the beach to ride bikes.  Wanna come?"  I celebrated the advent of summer with a little shaved ice and am now ready for adventure.

2.  Does the rest of the world have Funeral Potatoes, or is it just the Mormons?  This afternoon I was helping out at a dinner after a funeral for a man who was a Mormon, long, long ago, but his family was not and we had, naturally, 3 pans of Funeral Potatoes (a casserole made of cream of something soup, sour cream, cheese and potatoes) and none of the mourners had ever seen them before.  I suppose it could be called other things, but Funeral Potatoes are what it's called around these parts because, well, we bring it to funerals.  It's easy to make, it feeds a lot of people, and it is the epitome of comfort food.  At the end of it all I was chatting with the man's daughter, who was marveling at the amount of food we brought, and I had to explain that Mormons only know how to feed very large groups of people.  I believe it's our pioneer spirit that warns us that the crickets could come and eat all our crops and we'll starve come winter and we'd better fatten each other up just in case.

3.  After the funeral, I got to play the piano for one my primary kid's baptism.  He comes from a very big family so I was expecting a crowd.  What I was not expecting was that they'd all be early.  I am notoriously late to things I have to be early to.  I have nothing to blame but my optimistic sense of time.  But tonight I arrived 15 minutes before it was about to start and I was super proud of myself - until I discovered that I was the very last person to arrive.  I'm giving myself an A for effort.

4.  I am thinking of becoming a super model.  Behold.


Laura said...

Oh, funeral potatoes. So true about them being the epitome of comfort food. It's not just Mormons that have the recipe, as my mom has been making them for years. However, we always just called it "Potato Casserole" until I lived in Utah and discovered it's alternative name. Now, they are totally "Funeral Potatoes" at our house.

I remember seeing a big funeral in Utah once, and these ladies were bringing in pans of funeral potatoes that I swear were the size of a single bed! Oh, how I'd love to dive in to a pan of those right about now!!

Andrea said...

Since I live in AZ I'm not so sure I'm as excited for summer as you are. I guess I should have a Pollyanna attitude toward it and just keep telling myself the sooner we get through summer the quicker we can enjoy nice winter temps.

Any summer trips for flat Rachel this year?

the freshmaker *ting said...

YAY! Welcome summer. We had a summer solstice BBQ here to welcome summer and hope it stays longer than the last two years. ( honestly i feel i am getting ripped off in rent money when i don't have perfect california weather lol)
btw i love funeral potatoes, yummm

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I only know about "Funeral Potatoes" because missionaries from Utah told me about them...if they hadn't...I wouldn't. Most kiwis don't.

Rach said...

1. There was MUCH rejoicing in Utah when summer hit and the temperatures actually creeped up above 70 degrees. We spent a large portion of the day basking in summer sunshine (that really felt more like spring sunshine.) Of course, 2 days later the temperatures jumped right up to 95.

2. In Mississippi we had what they called Cheesy Potatoes, but they were just funeral potatoes with a little extra cheese in them. I love funeral potatoes. So much.

3. What? People early to a church function? Stop the presses!

4. Maybe they'll do another short Top Model season. Fingers crossed, because I know you'd win. You have mastered the art of manipulating every muscle in your face. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a sudden brain typhoon of what other people must picture in their heads when we say the phrase "Funeral Potatoes". I'm picturing potaoes in black clothing with hankies and sad posture.