Sunday, June 26, 2011


My dear friend and personal patron, Hannah, got married and moved to Washington.  Boo - I mean to the WA part.  Married - hooray!  And I couldn't make it to her wedding because it was during girls camp.  Double Boo!  And to prove what an extreme sacrifice it was to not be there I will just tell you they had live band karaoke AND a taco truck.  To say that I was heart broken about missing it is an understatement.  Not only because of the tacos but mostly because Hannah has been one of those friends who just lightens up your life.  We bonded over our shared love of The Blue Castle (you've read it, right?  RIGHT?!) and it has been nothing but unicorns and felt stockings every since.

So when she asked if I would make her cake topper I had to say yes. 

Some background:  1.)  Hannah has been a firm and faithful believer in the funny things I make out of felt. 2.)  She and her husband wear glasses.  3.)  He likes dinosaurs.  A lot. 

This is what she requested and I was thrilled to do it (let's not talk about the crappy nature of these photos):

Love you Medici!  Remember that felt is cheap to ship.


Kelly said...

very nice!

Bronwyn James said...

Oh my heck, those are to die for! Rachel Rachel Rachel. Such talent.

Rach said...

If only I'd had you do mine and Tim's cake topper. Those are some fabulous dinos. You are truly talented.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this, I was having a full blown Shy Seizure brought on by my own brazen cleavage, and I ran away pre-cake. Me Fail.