Sunday, June 12, 2011

How hard can it be to accidentally be shot into space?

1.)  Remember how I told you that my niece was cuter than your niece?  I meant it.  She is Miss Eliza Jean the Beauty Queen.

2.)  In other news:  KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, COULD PRIMARY HAVE BEEN ANY MORE OF A MAD HOUSE TODAY?  To say that being both the Primary president and the stake girls camp director was kind of a big undertaking is like saying the Grand Canyon is kind of a big hole.  But for the most part they have only converged slightly over the last 5 months and I've had a lot of help from very wonderful people and it's been manageable as well as miraculous.  So it just figures that on the day before I leave for camp we are short eight people - EIGHT PEOPLE - in primary and the kids seemed to have OD'd on lunatic pills.

3.)  In other, other news:  I watched Space Camp the other night (jealous?) for the first time in years and found myself a little let down that I'm not an astronaut.  It was my dream as a kid to go into space.  The first time I watched that movie at a cousins' slumber part at my grandparent's house I vividly remember thinking, "Those kids are SO LUCKY to have been accidentally shot up into space."  And I was desperate to go to space camp because, you never know, maybe I could be so lucky.  Who wants to join me in my letter writing campaign to NASA to 1.) reinstate the space shuttle program (let's not talk about my heartbreak over that) and 2.) institute a new Writers of Humorous Anecdotes in Space program.  Also, did you know that Joaquin Phoenix is in that movie?  As a young lad?  When he went by the name Leaf?  Crazytown.


Anonymous said...

Huzzah, this time I actually clicked the pics link, so I believe in the existence of the niece.

I believe the island with hammocks and solitude I've been looking for my whole life is actually IN space, and no one has yet to prove to me that it's not.

Rach said...

1. You're right. She is the cutest baby in the world. SO CUTE!

2. Why in the WORLD is it that so very many primary people don't show up all on the same day? Because that seems to be the case in our ward all the time. Poor poor Rachel. I hope girls' camp went well. I bet it was fantastic. I only wish you were in charge when I went.

3. I have never seen Space Camp. I'm putting it on my Netflix list asap. Especially if it's got Joaquin Phoenix in it. And he went by the name Leaf?

Stephanie said...

True story - my husband went to Space Camp. It might have been the reason I married him . . . sigh.

Glad you're home safe from camp. I know you did an awesome job!

Kelly said...

I remember when he went by leaf. Those were kinder gentler days.