Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kwik, someone get me a sedative

I'm putting Utah on notice for a gross misuse of the letter K.  Over the weekend I saw the following:
(none of the above were even at a KOA (which is also on notice) by the way)
I get it, these people want to make their business stand out.  They think they're being clever and cute and original.  So I just have a few gentle words for them. YOU'RE NOT BEING CLEVER!!!!  YOU'RE BEING DUMB!!!!  PEOPLE THINK YOU CAN'T SPELL AND THAT MEANS THEY WON'T COME TO YOUR SHOP BECAUSE ONLY A MORON WOULD MISSPELL QUANTUM TO GET ATTENTION AND WHO WANTS TO SUPPORT A MORON???!!????!!!!!!! 
Or maybe I just want people to not shop at places with intentionally misspelled words.  Maybe I think we should boycott those shops.  WHO'S WITH ME?!  (Note to self:  gather torches and pitchforks.)

Okay. Sorry about that.  It's a touchy subject for me.  A part of me dies when I realize grown ups do this sort of thing - as opposed to 13 year old girls, who are the only demographic who can legitimately get away with this as long as it's written in pink ink from a Hello Kitty pen. 

And I'm serious about the boycott.  We shall overcome!


Jenny said...

Amen! My husband laughs at my constant tirade on this subject, but I agree, it just makes people look really stupid when they think they're being clever. Ugh.

Erin said...

So glad I'm not alone on this one. I've been boycotting all businesses with misspelled names for YEARS. I absolutely refuse to patronize the Qwik Lube, Florida Tanz, or Hot Headz (hair salon).

Angela said...

My sister hates this. With passion.

Rach said...

Yeah, it's super annoying. The z at the end of store names is the most annoying thing to me. It's just a substitute for creativity in a name.

Anonymous said...

One word - Qwikster. And now it's dead.