Thursday, November 3, 2011

The pinata, the pinata

Camille just messaged me to say that they're having a pinata at work today.  She's the secretary at an Institute of Religion* and Mormon college kids are notoriously goofy, so it's not surprising.  In fact, the only job I've had where that sort of thing could potentially happen was my student job at BYU in the Alumni House.  We had treats every Friday and sloppy joe parties and Wear Your Overalls to Work Day (this applied mostly to our bosses (as it was the 90s and overalls were big with the kids) who were of an age that believed overalls were only worn on the farm.) On the first day of Spring every year we would all run down to the front lawn and frolic for 15 minutes.  I cannot believe I didn't take advantage of the high caliber of fun that group possessed and suggest a pinata.

But now I know.  Any job interview I go to from here on out I will ask, "What's your company's policy on pinatas?"  A girl has got to have standards.

*Place where religious classes are taught for college-age kids.  Known for their pool tables, abundance of snacks, and loitering youth.


Rach said...

The important question is, is it a real pinata that you whack with a big stick, or is it one of those lame cop outs with the ribbons you pull?

Camille said...

It was all real, that you have to beat the heck out of. It took 7 blind-folded adults to get this one down. It was amazing. Pinata's make everything better.

Tammy said...

oh the culture of institute, I have fond memories of your dad beating everyone at foosball, and eating yummy muffins.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly convinced that at least 3 of your most recent places of employ were pro-pinata. Just, possibly human pinatas.