Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No novel, but nicely trimmed nails

The continuing list of things I've done instead of NaNoWriMo includes:  trimming and filing my nails (I cannot be expected to type with long nails); searching every inch of my kitchen for an appropriate snack for writing (I thought it was popcorn but I was wrong); going to a friend's baby shower where I got to visit with the girls and snuggle a newborn; visiting another friend afterwards where I got to snuggle with her newborn (Oh boy, newborns.  They're kind of the best thing ever.); making paper Christmas ribbons

Ack!  I'm addicted.  And for what purpose.  It's not like I ever go out of my way to decorate presents.  And it's not like people are going to keep those forever if I do.  And yet, I can't stop.

For those of you interested I am officially 6051 words behind on my count.  But I have a plot.  A PLOT!  That I'm pretty sure I have stolen from every single book I love.  But at least I'm heading in some direction, right?

Do you know what else I have been up to instead of NaNoWriMo?  Going to my writing group.  I now belong to one with 3 friends.  We all have similar goals in regards to writing and recognized the need to be brave in order to achieve those goals so we got together for the first time last night to critique.  It was TERRIFYING!!!!  Because you may not know this but 99.5% of every single thing I write I think it garbage.  Oh, it's just so bad.  And I have learned that every other writer on the planet feels the exact same way.  So imagine how we all were feeling last night as we huddled around our little bits of work, anticipating confirmation that our fears are justified - we cannot write.  And then it turned out to be just the opposite - we found out that we could.  It was actually a really amazing experience for me.  We were all kind and helpful in our critique and no one left in tears.  And I came home inspired and ready to write.  And what did I do this morning?  Trimmed my nails and watched Gilmore Girls.  But I'm getting there.


In other news:  I'm a little annoyed at my Jehovah's Witness best friend Jason who occasionally stops by to give me pamphlets and invite me to conventions because while I was visiting my friend her own JWBFF came by and gave her a present for the baby.  What?!  Jason is totally slacking on this.  I was busy snuggling so I didn't get a chance to see them but had I been at the door I would have told them to pass it on to Jason that he can stop by anytime with a present.  At least wrap the Watchtower magazine in a bow.


Rach said...

Don't you think it's time you came and snuggled my newborn? I would keep a handmade Rachel ribbon forever if I got a present with one on it. And of course you don't write garbage. You are a fantastic writer. Do you think a million people would be reading your block if it stunk?

Anonymous said...

You can TOTALLY write that many words dollface, just describe the characters' eye colors. With 3 adjectives and often.