Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Failure and Success

Today's fails:

1.)  I drove out to Joanne's because the scissor sharpening guy was there and my good ones desperately need it.  I had to park far away and then cross the flooded parking lot in the torrential downpour and then search the store for the guy because the gals working were zero help (exact quote:  "I think he's somewhere in the back.  I don't really know." He was hiding behind the discount fabric.) and just as he  was about to start the sharpening he mentioned that it's $8 cash but he'd take a card as long as it wasn't Visa.  What do I have in my wallet?  $6 cash and a Visa.  Which isn't that big of a fail, that's just life.  The big fail was that I couldn't charm him into just cutting me a break and taking the $6.  I smiled and joked and asked nicely, which 95% of the time works, but he just turned off the machine and said, "There's a Stater Bros. across the parking lot. You can get cash there." "But it's pouring rain out there." "Too bad." I walked out of the store with my dull scissors and my principles.

2.)  I made cookies tonight.  Oatmeal chocolate chip - my standard.  I make these cookies all the time.  They're a cinch.  And yet, somehow tonight I managed to burn the bottoms while the tops were still goopy.  Is there anything sadder than a pan full of burnt cookies?  I submit there isn't.

Today's successes:

1.)  I got dressed.  Considering that a.) it's raining and b.)  so cold, sooooo coooollddd, holy cats it's cold and c.) I have Inclement Weather Paralysis - this is a pretty big thing to celebrate.

2.)  Did I mention I got dressed?  I think that should count for two.


Amanda said...

Inclement Weather Paralysis? Love it! I'm going to adopt this illness. Wait, I think I already have it, I'm just going to get credit now. The prescription for that is jammies and ice cream. I'm sure I read that on Web M.D.

Valerie said...

You'd think a guy sharpening scissors for a living would be a little more old-timey about haggling. Geeze.

And the JoAnne's employees? I mean, come on. The worst. That's a fail, but not yours.

Too bad about those cookies, though. I really like oatmeal chocolate chip.

Andrea said...

That scissor guy is a twerp! How rude! Oh and if it makes you feel any better, ASU does not accept Visa either. How could any institution not accept the official sponsor of the Olympics? Again, how rude!

Stephanie said...

Anything but visa? What does he have against visa? When did visa tick him off? There is a back-story there.

Kelly said...

I would have sharpened your scissors for you

Rach said...

What a meanie! Not cool. I used my Visa in a tiny little market in Latvia, so if they can take it, a scissor guy can take it.

Sorry about your cookies. Not fun.

Gold star for getting dressed. My version of getting dressed today was changing into sweats. You are my inspiration.

aprilaleman said...

Sadly... yesterday I never left the house or my jammies. I didn't even brush my teeth. But, I must say for me that besides the rain I am so sick! Blah

Patti said...

You are one better than I am- I did not get dressed today. And, it's not raining. I have no excuse.

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