Monday, February 13, 2012

I think I have a shot with my bathrobe

A brief list of things I would ask to be my Valentine if they were actually a single Mormon man with a job:

1.)  That caramel corn Kelsie brought to book club last week

2.)  The movie Dear Heart starring Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page which I just discovered and kind of fell in love with because of the line, "I suppose I'm a postmistress but I think that sounds kind of racy."

3.)  My bathrobe

4.)  George Clooney

5.)  My new duvet cover

They're giant purple doilies!  Appropriate for an 80 year old, right?

6.)  This scarf I recently made that I wore out in the arctic weather we had today.

I thought V-Day was the appropriate time to pull out the smize/fishy lips pose. Also, George Harrison called and wants his bangs back.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends.  I hope it is filled with all sorts of lovely things.


Tessy said...

Happy Valentines fishy! You always bring a smile to my non-fishy face!

Stephanie said...

I love your duvet cover! It's luscious and purple-y.

Andrea said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! And Happy birthday to Arizona(even though you think it is Satan's armpit). Today marks 100 years.

Oh, I love your duvet cover too!

Rach said...

Those are all Valentine-worthy items. I need you to come teach me how to knit. And I love the duvet cover. Purple is very fabulous on a bed. I'm putting Dear Heart on my to-see list. I'm always on the lookout. Your glasses are adorable, by the way.