Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too Cute. And I mean that literally.

Prepare yourself for a shocking revelation:

Pinterest makes me cranky.

I know that everyone loves it and they spend hours and hours and hours getting lost in it (as nearly everyone I know has admitted to on Facebook) and yes, I agree that there are some truly clever and lovely ideas on there.

But it's too much for me*.  There's just too much stuff on there.  And 99% of it falls under the cute category and seeing all that cute has an adverse affect on me.  I mean, I certainly like cute.  I have a drawer in my craft desk dedicated entirely to tulle - and there are few things cuter than tulle.  Or ribbons, and you should see my ribbon collection.  (Incidentally, I saw a genius way to organize ribbon on Pinterest but I shot it down because it wasn't cute enough!  Ugh, me!) But I have found that it only takes a few minutes of scrolling through all the pins for me to start feeling punchy.  I just can't look at too many pictures of cute puppies and cute cupcakes and cute fingernails and cute ways to braid your hair and cute outfits with cutely tied scarves without throwing my hands up in disgust and googling "monastic retreat".  It's like looking into a cute sun and going blind.

*This is also why I avoid Costco.  It's just too much. I cannot shop at a store that sells both peanut butter and mattresses.


aprilaleman said...

That's why I focus on the food. Though I rarely make anything and I always end up eating something plain and not nearly as enticing after, and then feeling bad. Hmmmm, maybe you have a point.

Tessy said...

I don't go on it because it makes me feel lazier than I already am haha

Angela said...

Hahaha, for SURE.

It is a tool to be used with wisdom...and blinkers.

Rach said...

If you look at my pinterest boards, you will see that there are 3 dedicated to food. Mostly I use it to find recipes. Also to get pictures of cute haircuts, so next time I'm at the salon and they ask what I want I can show them a picture. But you're right. There are a gazillion cutesie little crafts and home decor ideas that I can't stomach (or even pull off, to be honest), and I skate over those. And it is yet another place that reminds me that I have no girls, so I don't need to know how to do fancy braids, make a fancy hair bow, or teach my daughter confidence. I have found some great ideas on how to make monsters out of tissue boxes, though, so I keep going back.

Carrie said...

I got excited about the call for pitchforks and torches (see my long abandoned blog). Pinterest and all your cuteness, we're going to ugly you up!

Mary P said...

That's why I unsubscribed from many of my friends' holiday boards (I like that I can subscribe to specific boards only!). I mean, it's rare for me to make ONE craft per holiday, I do not need to make 15,000 crafts for EACH holiday.

I guess I'm just not that in to fabric, I can handle more cuteness if fabric is the medium.

Tammy said...

I feel I may need a pinterest intervention...I has taken over my life