Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An octopus for everyone!

1.)  Everyone gets an octopus!  I've got nothing but yarn and time on my hands.  Sam, Edie, Levi, and Rac's boys, keep your eyes peeled. 

2.)  This morning, to further my standing as your dullest and most obnoxious friend, I listened to a podcast all about the incorrectness of the phrase, "between you and I."  And loved it.  Because I clearly don't want to have friends again, ever.

3.)  I've had this pink material for ages.  Loads of it, in fact.  And between you and me it's kind of tacky. Well, more cheap than tacky.  It's this pink polyester that is not good for much but I have yards and yards of it. And it just so happens to match my new duvet perfectly.  So I decided to make a pillow.  Fact:  I have not sewn a pillow since I was 12 and in home ec.  And another fact:  at once point in the semester I was failing home ec.  Which seems outrageous now.  Geometry, sure.  But sewing and cooking?  Alas, it's true.  I think I pulled out a B by the end but it was close.  I initially wanted to do some sort of shingled effect so I cut out a lot of circles.  But once I started sewing them on they didn't have the look I wanted.  So I decided to make ruffles instead by sewing the circles in a row

then gathering

then sewing the ruffles on then sewing the actual pillow cover and tada:

one ruffled pillow.

So cute, right?  It turned out way better than I imagined.  I made it an envelope back (because I'm lazy and didn't want to put in a zipper or hand stitch the seam shut) and it fit the pillow form perfectly.  I've never been much of a decorative pillow person - they're just one more thing I have to put on my bed when I'm making it - but seeing how cute it turned out and also seeing how lonely it looks on my bed makes me want to make dozens of them.

Any color suggestions?  I'm horrible with colors but I'd love whatever else I put on the bed to standout a bit and not be so matchy-matchy.


Jenny said...

Um, is it too late to get an octopus? I would pay for shipping! I've been eyeballing a felt bookmark for some time, too. Maybe I need to make an order.

Stephanie said...

I love, love, love the ruffles. I think you should introduce greys into the mix - purple and grey are a match made in heaven.

Is it too late to ask for an octopus? Zoe wants one - with a bow in her hair instead of a bowtie.

Kelly said...

Looks fabulous! I think that bed could use some red. They say red is the color that always goes with everything and gosh darnnit if it isn't true every time my daughter puts on her Dorothy shoes.

Camille said...

The obvious answer would be a sparkly one. Silver sparkly circles. I can picture it already. It's like a disco ball on your bed. While you're at it...can you make me a few. I'm in love with it.

Valerie said...

Are you kidding? An octopus* for us all? You're some sort of crafting fairy godmother.

The pillow did turn out really cute. I feel the same way about decorative pillows - I'm a function only person when it comes to beds - but you're right to make an exception.

*Speaking of having no friends, are you aware that the plural of octopus is octopodes (find the pronunciation; it's cooler than it looks)? Because octopus is a scientific latin 3rd declension noun, octopi is INCORRECT. Try using octopodes and enjoy the blank stares from your (former) friends; even Fowler's Modern English Usage calls its use "pedantic", which, in my opinion, is all the more incentive to use it.
And I suppose, in the end, you and I will always have each other. Just between you and me.

Erin said...

I love that pillow! It's sassy. My mom just sent me some money to buy my very first sewing machine. She said that my wanting to sew is something she wants to fully support. I think it is mostly because I promised when I was 12 and being forced into making my fifth outfit for the 4-H fashion show that I would NEVER SEW AGAIN.

Oh, and I'm sorry, but the comment about the plural of octopus cracked me right up.

Angela said...

Love the pillow.

As for the podcast, it sounds like someone singing my tune. Oh boy, I regularly agonise over whether or not it is worth pointing this out to my MIL...(answer always = no), but I agonise nonetheless, since she spends so much time around my kids. She's a disease carrier.

Tammy said...

I LOVE the ruffles! I agree with Stephanie grey would be a great accent color.

Kylea said...

I don't usually comment, but you know when someone brings up color I have to chime in.

I'm with Camille- something sparkly. But I also think it would be really fun to do a dark turquoise green color... I don't know if that makes any sense, but I could probably find it and send you a picture. Remember my weird color thing- it's your color in my mind. And it would be lovely with your duvet.

samandholly said...

Grammar nerds unite!
What podcast was it?

Bronwyn James said...

I have so much to say!
1) I don't usually read all the comments, but I am SO glad I did today because I was DELIGHTED by the little tidbit about octopodes. I can't wait to use it. Once I learn how to say it.
2) A little math equation for your day.
Bronwyn = not crafty
Not crafty = super impressed by people who are crafty
Rachel = Master Crafter of darling pillows
Bronwyn + not crafty + impressed by crafters = Rachel just got cooler (which I didn't think was possible)
Now that I've put it into mathematical terms, you can see that my conclusion is irrefutable.

Rach said...

Hooray! And I am the last person that should give you advice on color. But I have an inkling that black sequins would go great. Just a guess.

Wendy said...

Love the pillow. I vote for aqua for the next one.

Mindie said...

So cute! Do a grey pillow with one row of pink ruffle. I wish I could just whip something up like that but I don't even know how to "gather" : p

Anonymous said...

Thumbs-up on the "Disco Ball For Your Bed" idea. At all times. I vote for a kelly green, something you'd only find in the Shire.