Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday fun!

Did you get a Slurpee?  I sure did.  But it was a bit of a fail.  I put what was marked lemon creme in my cup but it was actually banana.  Eww, gross!  Fortunately I did halfsies and had cherry lime on top. But I'm still going to need a redo.

Someone at the LA Music Center must have known that it was my birthday because they scheduled a Broadway sing-along on it.  Sweet, huh?  So a bunch of girlfriends and I headed over and sang and danced and made friends with people who love to sing and dance.

Side note:  I love my friends.  This is just a very small handful of the people in my life who are outstanding and good and beautiful and fun. Birthdays make me feel lucky.

You will never believe who was there!  Mr. Pleated Khakis/Black Mock Turtleneck!  And he was wearing the exact same outfit.  You can see him near the center of this picture, singing with his eyes closed:

The Lady In Red leaning into him is his wife and those two were IN LOVE.  They kept serenading each other and making googly eyes during the ballads. They were getting a little PG-13 during some of the songs.  It was amazing. I need to figure out a way to become their best friends.

After we sang our hearts out we headed over to this place in downtown that was out of this world good.  I loved everything I tried.  Including what I ordered:

That steak was a victory for mankind.  And so was the root beer creme brulee.  Yeah, you read right, root beer creme brulee.  It blew my mind.

And now for the funniest picture of the whole evening:

I brought Ruby out for a night with the ladies (I mean, she is a lounge singer.  Who knows Broadway's ballads of love and loss better than this gal?) I forgot I even took this picture but when I uploaded it just now I nearly fell off my chair from laughing.  It's her smudged face that gets me.  She's all, "Yeah, so I've lived hard.  But I also go to places that serve fancy desserts.  Classy!"

Hooray for birthdays!


Rach said...

Awesome. Except the Slurpee fail. Shame on 7-11 for misleading you on your birthday. But the fact that mock turtleneck guy was at the singalong more than makes up for it, I think. I love love love Ruby. Also, happy birthday.

Wendy said...

I always feel like I have better friends than I deserve. Sometimes I imagine all of my friends in one room together and I am blown away by what an awesome room full of people that would be. And I think to myself "Why in the world are all of those amazing people friends with ME?" You would definitely be in that room:).

Stephanie said...

I love this post. I only wish I was closer so that maybe I would be invited to the sing-a-long. I would be the one laughing at everyone else's jokes, but there always needs to be a friend like that, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm firmly against pictures of food, and yet I tried to eat my computer monitor just then. I also think the picture of Ruby should be your new profile picture.