Saturday, August 4, 2012

Don't tell Kobe I said that. I don't want his head to get any fatter.

Olympic Round-up Part III

1. I think that we've all had enough time with Ryan Lochte this week to recognize that he is a total doofus.  Sure, he can swim and we all root for him.  But the poor kid is kind of dim when it comes to talking out loud.

2.  It's not very often when I say, "That Kobe Bryant is a swell guy."  In fact, I say that exactly never. That is up until the Olympics where he is popping up all over the place, watching random events and cheering people on.  And suddenly I'm thinking that we can totally be best friends because he loves the Olympics and I love the Olympics.

3.  I did not realize that the coxswain on a rowing team gets a medal too.  You guys, I have found my future gold medal! The two requirements seem to be you have to be short and scream really loud.  I'm great at both of those things.  Rio 2016 here I come!

4.  Maybe my favorite Olympic moment so far was watching the women's 100 meter preliminaries.  I love that if you come to the Olympics, no matter how you got there, be it a win or a wild card, you get to compete.  And it may just be one race that lasts 10 seconds.  But you still get your moment.  You get to put on the colors of your flag and step out on the track and run.  So seeing all of those women from places most people have never heard of, women who know they don't have a shot but do it anyway, women who are the first from their country to ever compete, women who couldn't practice with starting blocks because they didn't have any, well, it made me want to get an Olympic rings tattoo like every single athlete has.  Not really.  But maybe I'll paint the rings on my cheek.

5.  Trampoline is the sport of the future.  Doesn't it look like so much fun?  Except for the part where I would be vomitting from all that jumping and spinning.  I get dizzy just from the camera going up and down with them. 


Rach said...

I have plans to start a rigorous training regimen Monday for trampoline gymnastics. I'm thinking I have a chance for Rio 2016. You can come watch me win my gold in person so you don't get sick. You'll already be there anyway as a coxswain. We can be Team USA roomies. After our events we can go learn the samba.

Did you see Lochte's grill? He's trying really hard to be a fly white guy. Not succeeding. But he sure can swim. I was more inspired by the older swimmer that had been beaten by the same Japanese guy a million times and who beat him for the bronze.

It is nice to see Kobe Bryant cheering on the Americans everywhere. Maybe that's the benefit of being so good at your sport that you can have fun while you're at the Olympics instead of spending all your time meditating and doing warm-ups.

Cynde said...

You would be a great coxswain. They're basically the manager. They get to be loud and bossy...just because they can. it would be a great position for me except I am not short enough. I usually end up at the back...powering the team down the water way. Wow....I miss rowing.

Gina said...

Disagree with your comments about Lochte, but we can still be friends. I'm a fan (of both of you). Did you see LeBron cheering for Missy Franklin? Loved it! I love the Olympics!