Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Things

1.)  I'm addicted to  Have you been on?  Don't do it!  You'll never leave!  It's a site with all sorts of random trivia quizzes.  And you know how much I love trivia.  Specifically geography trivia.  I'll get on just to do one little quiz about bordering nations and suddenly 3 days have passed and I've grown a beard and cobwebs are attached to it. Enter at your own risk.

2.)  Have you seen the fat Mini Cooper?  I think it's called the Countryman.  If by countryman they mean a fella who lives in the country and eats nothing but pork cracklins all day, then it's a pretty fitting name.  It looks like it has a glandular problem.  I laughed for days after seeing one and now I see them everywhere.  I will not comment on people who buy overweight Minis but if I believed in doing hashtags I would do one for missing the point.

3.)  I miss this girl

And I miss the girl filming it.  Dear Amanda and Bronwyn, please move to California.  Love, Rachel.

4.)  Actually, this goes for all of my friends who don't live here.  Why don't you live here?!  California is the best place in the world! I want you close by so you can come over and eat ice cream with me while we watch Gilmore Girl reruns.

5.)  Seminary starts in a week.  GAH! I've met with my students and their parents and they are basically the cutest group of youngsters on the planet. I've already decided we need matching t-shirts and a cheer.


Stephanie said...

I would live in California if it meant nothing but hanging out with you and other California people all day long - but, alas, there would be a mortgage involved and the whole political mess to deal with. Darn it!

So glad you like your seminary class. I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic year!

Mariah said...

My favourite part of this post: "if I believed in doing hashtags".

It makes me like you even more.

Camille said...

Dear Amanda,
That is why I love you.
Camille :)

Rachel: You should totally make t-shirts for your class. Or matching bandanas. They're versatile.

Rach said...

You know I'd be your next door neighbor if I wasn't so afraid of driving in California. Also there's the whole husband has a job in Utah business. But someday, my friend. Someday.

That video clip was hilarious.

I'm all for matching visors. Or fanny packs that will fit their scriptures!

I'm going to be on the lookout for the fat Mini. It sounds fabulous.

Bronwyn James said...

Hi Rachel,
You got me into a little bit of trouble by posting this video, but I took it willingly because I'm secretly glad (secretly) that the world got to share this Amanda moment. The world reads your blog, right? We missed you that night though. An Amanda/Rachel dance duet would have been just the thing.