Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crown Conspiracy!

On Saturday night we had a Miss America party.  Camille's good friend just happens to be Miss California and was competing in the pageant on Saturday night so we gathered a bunch of ladies and sat around and ate and laughed and critiqued the outfits and talents and basically had a ball. Our girl didn't win (sad) but she did get to eat a donut on stage.  Not too shabby. 

But now down to business - which is that Miss South Carolina is a sham.  Her talent was playing the piano and you guys, she wasn't even coming close. It wasn't even that she was bad (there was plenty of that going on by all the ladies who tried to sing) - she was just playing along with a recording. Trickery! She was definitely playing but there were also very visable parts where she wasn't. But what did we and judges hear?  A perfectly played song. At one point she did a glissando, which is where you run your thumb down the keyboard, and while the gliss was heard her thumb was visibly off the keys.  Like a mile away from them. And then it just became glaringly obvious that she was faking it.

I've no doubt that she knows how to play the piano.  But the girl twirling the baton didn't get the chance to record her best preformance and show that instead.  And all those girls who sang woefully off key couldn't fake it either.  Consipracy?  You be the judge.

It's at minute 40 that it all starts to unravel.


Rach said...

Tip: If you're going to fake-play the piano, you must at least time the glissandos and fancy looking chords with the recording. It's not just that her hands weren't even touching the keys. It's that they weren't even with the rhythm. Also, she probably only played about 3 chords over and over, and used theatrics to cover up the rest. For shame! I didn't watch the pageant, but please tell me she didn't win.

Valerie said...

Yeah, but what's the bigger crime; the shabby cheater-piano, or those glitter tuxedo pants? I ask you.

Anonymous said...

I paused it and looked closely, and I swear I couldn't see strings in the piano.