Thursday, January 3, 2013

Several Days of Stretchy Pants

Contrary to common belief, I still go into work over the Christmas break.  Not all of my work involves sitting in my office chatting with students.  Okay, almost all of it does. But there's still stuff I have to get done that is easier to do on a break simply because I don't have a bunch of kids crammed onto my office counters talking about what they did over the weekend.  So breaks are great and I've gotten tons done.

But here's the draw back (aside from missing the kids.  Come back!) - I'm finding it very difficult to transition back into normal clothes after spending days on end in stretchy pants.  The majority of the last 2 weeks have been spent sitting on my parents couch, laughing with my family, watching movies, snuggling babies, playing games, all while wearing lounge-wear. It's nice going into work, but it would nicer if I could do it in my jim-jams. Work clothes are a drag.


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Clearly I haven't taught you the secret of finding jimjams that look like work clothes. No one even notices my onesie with feet when I put the right cardigan over it.