Monday, July 30, 2007

Hirsute Hog

To the biker who zipped by me on the freeway this morning:

The next time you get on your motorcycle could you please make sure that your pants are pulled all the way up. Or at least wax that particular area. Because what I had to see this morning can only be described in one word: BLEH!

Thoroughly Disgusted,

PS - I love the word hirsute. It always makes me think of Hessian mercenaries and that wolf-man who lives down in Mexico. Both strangely funny. But I think it's way too pretentious for normal conversation. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to use it.


Laura said...

I love that you're smart enough to use words like hirsute! I'll admit - I did have to look it up!! Good word, but I agree that it's a smidge too pretentious for day-to-day conversation. It reminds me of this line in "Never Been Kissed"...a worker comes up to Josie in the newsroom and asks for her opinion on the proper spelling of "theater". Josie says something like: "Standard American calls for "er", standard British calls for "re", so unless you're a pompous American, I'd go with "er"."

Liz said...

I totally love that word as well! Especially since I am so emotionally charged on the subject but I've also only used it with the family in casual conversation. I categorize it in the For-use-in-company-of-only-those-that-are-overeducated-AND-have-a-lovely-sense-of-humor column. Along with the other favs; "modicum", "cacophany", "asinine"... etc etc.
High 5 my friend - High 5

Amanda said...

I just love that I have really smart friends. That is what makes me happy!! I could look up the word, but in about 1.3 seconds I would have forgotten the meaning, so really what is the point. I think secretly I am a smarty-pants too, but I have the memory issue. Know what I mean? I COULD be really smart, "If I only had a brain." tee hee. I love you girls

Gina said...

I am not the intelligent one of the group...clearly. I have no idea how to pronounce hirsute, and no idea what it still means. :)

Amanda said...

Is this a proper use Rachel or Liz?
When I was single I was repulsed by hirsute men, especially when it applied to their backs. I fell in love and lost all sense of reason. Now I don't care anymore?
Huh? How was that? Probably still way off, but I'm trying.

Rachel said...

Amanda, that's it exactly! Clearly it's not a word you say outloud, unless you're at one of those murder mystery dinners and the character you're playing is a literary critic from Oxford who wears tweed jackets with elbow patches and you think the bearded and mustached oil barron did it and you say, "I believe our hirsute friend from Texas bludgeoned the girl in the library with a candlestick."

liz wolfe said...

This comment isn't related really to the topic, but, does everyone have a blog now?

Is that our new thing?

Do I need one?

(I see that Laura doesn't have one, and is also a man, so I'm a little confused.)

Amanda said...

Liz, you definitely need a blog! That could be a new poll. Should Liz get a blog?