Friday, July 20, 2007

My Weekend Plans

1.) Go to the movies to kill time between work and meeting up with Katie. Maybe Ratatouille or Hairspray. Whatever fits in the best.

2.) Jaime Cullum at the Hollywood Bowl (wahoo!). He looks like a wee British hobbit but his music is fantastic.

3.) Pick up the new Harry Potter and snacks on my way to the beach.

4.) Not get sunburned.

5.) Read Harry Potter.

6.) Weep Openly.

7.) Eventually find it in my heart to forgive Maynard for waking me up at 5 this morning by peeing LOUDLY on the bathroom rug.

8.) (on condition that #7 is impossible) kill Maynard.

In regards to the last Harry Potter book, I'm pretty excited. Not excited enough to wait in line at midnight tonight dressed as Professor Sprout (although the thought did occur to me that I will actually be coming home around midnight from the Bowl and there is a Barnes & Noble nearby and it would be awfully easy for me to just pop in and get it) but excited enough to not schedule anything tomorrow so that I can read all day. And excited enough to prepare my Sunday School lesson last night so that I wouldn't feel guilty about waiting until I was done with the book to do it. And excited enough to buy these:

And now for some predictions: 1.) Snape will turn out to be good (duh!) and Harry will have the chance to kill him but doesn't and he will end up being instrumental in killing off Voldemort but will die in the process. 2.) Neville will avenge his parents by killing Belatrix but will die in the process. 3.) Dobie, and all the rest of the house elves, will be annoying as usual and will die in the process. I'm fine with 1, I'll be sad about 2 and maybe I'm just projecting my fondest wish on 3.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Ms. Liz said...

I'm with you Rachel. I am, too, without costume but I will weep with you. Book club at my place on Sun night for therapy... I mean discussion. Hands in on predicions too - I'm right there with ya in my blog.