Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Successful Diagnosis

Just added to my list of funny names: Ursula Bellugi. Say it out loud. It's hysterical.

I came across it in this article. It's really long. I'll summarize: It's about a genetic condition called Williams syndrome. People who have it struggle mainly with abstract spacial concepts. They can't replicate shapes or put together very simple puzzles. They also can't balance their check book. (Neither can I, but I think that has more to do with not keeping receipts.) What really makes them interesting is that they don't have the usual social fears that most people do, such as public speaking and meeting strangers. They're extremely gregarious and they have an almost insatiable need to be social. They also have smaller than normal faces and have a tendency to stare at you for long periods of time.

I think Maynard the Mentally Challenged Dog has Williams syndrome.


Cynde said...

So great that you have a photo of DJ P-Nutt on your blog! Go P-Nutt, Go P-Nutt! Go, Go! You are so witty, sis.

BTW, great photo. Hmmm? I wonder who took it??

Laura said...

OH my goodnes Rachel! I'm so glad Katie told me about this! It's like a hobby for me to check out your new comments. I tried to start one on here a couple months ago but haven't done much. Thanks for the laughs!!