Monday, July 9, 2007

Rachel's Official Summer-time Dress Code for Teachers.

1.) All teachers much be dressed appropriately.
2.) By "appropriately" I mean I shouldn't be able to see your underwear.
3.) By underwear I mean your bra that is showing through your top.
4.) By top I mean that really lacy thing you're wearing.
5.) The one that isn't just see through but actually has holes the size of my thumb in it.
6.) That top.
7.) Other items of clothing that don't fit under the "appropriately" guidelines:
a.) Flip flops that look like you wore them on a back-packing trip through Nepal in an effort to find yourself.
b.) A mini dress that has pastel martini glasses printed all over it.
c.) Shorts that could double as a bikini bottom.
c.) A tank top with a front so low that if you had a map of the world tattooed across your chest you could, without any sort of shifting, point out Tierra del Fuego.

I would say use your best judgement but clearly you left that in Nepal. All violators will be sacked, as in a floor length burlap sack with sleeves. I mean it. Don't make me get the modestly stick out.

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