Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Au Revoir Maynard

The picture is titled: Maynard, not peeing.

Alas, my time with Maynard has come to an end.
Things I will miss:
1.) In the morning, after I would let him out to not go pee because he's already peed in the house and I just haven't found it yet, we would climb back into bed and he would snuggle up next to me and sigh.
2.) Whenever he would wake up from a nap and shake himself out with so much vigor that his jaw would go a little crooked and he would look, as if it were possible, even more retarded.
3.) How excited he got every time I released him from his maximum security compound in the guest bathroom.
4.) All that tongue lolloping.

Things I will not miss:
1.) The peeing.
2.) And more peeing.
3.) Cleaning up the pee.
4.) Explaining to him that peeing in the house is not polite.
5.) And the poo.
6.) Poo everywhere.
7.) What's that under the coffee table? Oh, right, it's poo.
8.) Did I just step in what I think I stepped it?
9.) The whining at 3 am to be let out even though we both knew that he'd already taken care of business in the office.


In other news, yes, I finished Harry Potter on the first day. And no, I will not tell you how it ended. Don't even ask. But if you make me brownies I'll whisper the name of at least one person who dies. Everyone has a price. I did end up going into Barnes & Noble after the Hollywood Bowl (Fab concert! Hooray Jaime Cullum!) and I took a load of pictures of all the people who dressed up. Don't you love people who dress up for things? That level of commitment is really commendable. But the pictures were all I left with because I'm an old woman and all signs pointed to me not getting a book until 2 a.m. I picked it up the next morning at Ralph's and went home and read and read and read and read, then took a 15 minute nap and then read some more. I tried to stop at 9 because I was at a point just before the action really started happening and my eyes were going a little screwy but then I thought I'll just finish this tomorrow morning, but what if I oversleep, or what if Maynard falls off the bed and lapses into another coma and I have to take him to the puppy ER, or what if the garbage disposal explodes and I have to flee, or what if I just can't read fast enough and I don't get to finish before church and I'll have to leave off at a climactic moment and I can't be late for church because I have to play the organ and I left the skirt I want to wear at the apartment so that means I have to leave even earlier for church giving me even less time to finish! Argh! I better finish now. So I just sucked it up and kept on reading. I finished around 1:30 and had a bit of a cry because it was such a melancholy moment. I hate it when good things end. I love these characters and it's sad to me that we don't' get anymore of them. It's a good thing I can't ever remember books that I've read. I could reread a book a week after I finish it and it would be like brand new to me. What? Dumbledore dies?!

P.S. Hi Laura! Sorry to make you wait.


Amanda said...

I'm a little sad about two things.
#1 that you will not be watching Maynard anymore, thus no more Maynard stories. Do you think you could maybe stop in once in awhile to see him or at least make up stories. I live far, far away. I'll never know that you haven't actually seen him. Glad about the poop though.
#2 Also, very sad that Harry Potter is over. I have taken to reading any little interview with Jo that I can find. I want to hear anything she has to say about Harry and the process of writing his story. I'm a little pathetic, but I think the so are all the other millions of H.P. fans worldwide, so I'm in good company.

rachelsaysso said...

Believe me, if I see Maynard again I will definitely be writing about it. I also work with Maynard's owner's sister-in-law (keeper of the Crazy Cats) and she's full of Maynard stories that I can pass on to the demanding public.

Amanda said...

What a relief! Thanks for the comfort Rachel. Maynard is not gone from us forever!