Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Very Important Question

Frequent readers of this blog (all 4 of you) will note that there is a new feature over to the right. It's a poll! Who doesn't love a poll? People who also don't love puppies or world peace, that's who.

(Random side note: I had a roommate whose last name was Gallup and she would always say, " the poll." when introducing herself.)

I should note that this question is not an original one. It was first presented to me by my pal and former roomie Amanda, whose last name is not like the poll. We had a slight disagreement on it. Meaning, I was right and she was wrong. Very close, but still wrong. Well, Amanda, how about we make this official(ish). All 4 of you readers can vote and we'll just see. Let me know who, at the peak of their hotness, you think was hotter: Paul Newman or Robert Redford. And by peak, I mean Cool Hand Luke and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for Newman and The Sting and Barefoot in the Park for Redford. Please don't judge Newman in the Sting because, let's be honest, that mustache was a little skeevy.

Here's my choice:


And to be fair, here's Amanda's choice:

There's no denying that he's a good looking man. But have you seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? No contest. And Amanda, I think we need to do an internet "hands in" that we will each only vote once.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it:

Dear Robert Redford:

It may be too late but it still needs to be said: Use some sun scren. Or maybe wear a hat. Or just stay out of the sun all together. I know you have all that land in Utah and you're all wildernessy and stuff but your skin looks like beef jerky. Maybe you could invest in one of those giant visors I always see Asian women wearing while they drive. You use to look so pretty.

Here's hoping the melanoma stays away.

Sincerly, Rachel

PS. I loved you in the Natural. Still my #1 baseball movie.


Ginger said...

I have to go with Amanda on this one. Although, I have never seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I went for the blonds in my youth. Dad changed my mind. MOM

Amanda said...

Thank you Ginger!
I still look at the pictures of Robert Redford and even with the apparent lack of sun screen, I'd still make out with him. I wouldn't, I'm a married woman, but I'd want to. Anyone seen An Unfinished Life? Still love him.
I was always a big fan of the blondes as well. I'm remembering Dukes of Hazard and A-Team. Who did love Face?
Okay, enough from me. I see that Ginger and I are not winning in the contest. I'm not gonna change my mind though! Love ya Rachel